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A late night stop in a café provoked a very 'soft' experience...
A cosy Café,
nestled into its slot on a city street,
waits with it's door open,
It's sunny-warm invite breaking the gloom
of the night-shrouded scene,
spilling its light across the quietness,
asking, without any neon prompting,
to take a seat and relax.

The heady coffee aroma,
magnified, it seems, by the cool of the evening air,
mixes with the sweet smells of
muffins and chocolate, perhaps apple pie,
and tugs gently at your coat as you step inside,
lifts your weary feet a little higher,
coaxing away heavy spirits.

The ambient energy,
infused in the very paint cracking on the walls,
pushes you into well-worn stools;
the sepia-tinted photographs and posters,
evoking a place and time that lived before,
gently easing a smile from your tiredness,
spreading it across your face.

Silky smooth coffee,
crumbling cookies textured with comfort and warmth,
force your mind to rest a while,
shutting off the memory of a hard days work;
Opening the gates to your hopeful heart,
letting your senses drift in the sing-song conversations,
you tease a dream of escape.

Sitting with you,
the world outside comes in and seems whole again;
my mind reaches out to you,
gently holds your radiant face in my hands,
and I inhale the happy thoughts,
flooding through my fingertips to my heart,
and my wish right then, in that moment,
Is that you could see my soul.
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