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by Tim
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Dark · #1893247
A man's life is burdened by not choosing.
Once there was a man. Nobody special, which is usually the case, but not quite ordinary. In the real world he lived in he was a bit strange, but not the good strange. Just...strange. Where he came from you either hated humanity or loved it, yet he had chose no side. He was indifferent to everyone around him, including his family. This made him a bit scary to everyone he knew, for they didn't ever know what was going on inside of him. To him the only thing that was going on was the insatiable aching he felt every day, he tried to cure it with love but those he loved didn't understand him. They begged him to pick a side, "Hate or Humanity" they said, as if it were some universal motto that everyone knew except him. After love failed him he burdened himself with the usual vices one does when feeling out of reach with itself. He tried the hardest and softest drugs around yet they all seemed pointless, as did everything to him. Angered by this he grasped onto the idea that perhaps he was simply meant to be alone,indifferent, and misunderstood. So he lived life as always, diverting interaction with others and instead studying them. Not in a stalker kind of way though, he just wanted to see what made them tick, as it were. Months past and he realized he knew everything he felt he needed to know. He didn't find himself to be wise or dumb, simply informed on matters that were relevant. One day however as the man walked around his small suburban town ,he decided to search the alleys as he occasionally did. After an hour or so of searching (He never kept track of time) he came across an unusual scent. Not an unknown one as he came across it quite often in his childhood, but uncommon in the past years of his life. He knew what the scent lead to before even following it but he wanted to find the origin of the rancid smell simply to know what it was. Laying next to a dumpster was a decaying corpse covered in rats. The corpse was fairly fresh, he could tell as he was experienced in these matters. The man kicked the corpse to shoo the rats away and as they scurried off he quickly checked the man's pockets for identification. He found the man's wallet shortly after the beginning of his search and pulled out his i.d. and twenty dollars, although the man had almost a thousand on him. Pocketing the contents he just took he walked away from the corpse, not having another thought about it. Instead of walking home however, he walked to a weed dealer's residence and gave him ten dollars for a quanity of weed matching that amount. After getting the weed he walked to the local convienenvce store, bought a pack of cigarettes, a rello, and a small coffee. He then told the clerk to call the police in exactly twenty minutes and inform them of a corpse that was nearby in an alley. Then he exited without saying another word. As he walked out back he knew that the body would bring trouble his way as he did when he first saw it. So he split the rello he purchased and filled it with the weed he bought and rolled it. Although he could feel the approaching shitstorm he chose to ignore it and simply light up his blunt and smoked it, thinking of how things tended to work out in those situations. Suddenly he remembered something and walked back to the alley where the corpse was. He took the wallet out of the dead man's pocket and checked the i.d., the man lived fairly close so it wouldn't be a far walk. As he walked to his destination he light up a cigarette and smiled to himself. He knew he'd just done something amusing, to himself atleast. The police in his town weren't exactly honest men. They stole from anybody they could and he just cheated them out of a thousand bucks. As he neared the home of the man he kicked the car in the driveway, put the man's wallet on the windshield and walked away as the alarm began to blare. Looking over his shoulder once he was at the end of the block he noticed a woman walk out cautiously, take the wallet and walk back in, not caring to turn off the alarm. He found this to be unusual, so he walked a bit quicker and got out of the area as quickly as he could. Little did he know the woman had killed her husband to get all the money out of his will, as he was fairly wealthy. She saw him loot the body and figured he would take the money and leave, not saying a word about it. As the police discovered the body they were pointed in his direction by the clerk. Although the wife had motive and lack of an alabi the man was viewed as scary and therefore guilty. The neighbors had seen him kick the car and the police noted that in their report. As the jury declared him guilty he laughed, suddenly realizing what had occured and shook his head. When the judge asked him if he had any last words before going to prison for murder he simply said "I won't bend my standing on this. I chose neither hate or humanity."
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1893247