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How to reason with the unreasonable ..

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      Well, what do those sequences mean to you?
      In some countries they would be scrutinized by the secret police
      as a potential threat to national security.
      But, they're only Coca~Cola sweepstakes numbers.
      You can find them under the bottle cap.

      Being a famous person can be dangerous.
      In Italy, there are professional kidnapers, who make fortunes snatching
      celebrities or politicians or wealthy people in general.
      Imagine, going on television and making political commentary.
      I would think a political commenter would worry about retaliation.
      There are always stories about attacks on controversial people.
      How do you function in a world where fanatics kill people over a video?

      Islamic extremist have targeted "personalities."

      I spoke with John Lennon in Harvard Square.
      He was having a book signing and I asked him if he believed in a
      social contract.
      He said, "I don't owe anyone anything."
      It was brief and I thought he would be more liberal in his answer.
      Tragically, John Lennon was targeted by a deranged stalker.
      My older brother Kevin was an Air Borne Ranger in Vietnam.
      He said, "That Mr. Lennon should have had bodyguards if he wanted
      to play politics."
      How can random violence be stopped?
      The police can only enforce the law after the crime has been committed.
      And some countries are lawless.
      A buddy of mine suggested dropping a nuetron bomb on Libya and Egypt.
      The nuetron bomb is only hot enough to kill people.
      It leaves the oil rigging intact. The radiation is low enough to reuse the
      But, wouldn't Russia or China retaliate?
      The Apostle Paul remarked that unless a person be saved in their heart;
      they cannot change their life.+
      But, how do you know who is saved?
      There are so many interpretations of salvation.
      I believe that this question of faith will decide the survival of humanity.
      "All life can be destroyed by mankind or revived."
      (The Fate of the Earth; by Jonathan Schell)


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