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This is sort of a rant about the way the world is.

I seem to be allergic to something lately. Not your usual pollen or ragweed like we have this time of year. No something quite different. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but people don’t seem to give a damn anymore. They’re to busy trying to screw the other guy, not realizing that, they are the other guy to others. A vicious circle of popular bad behavior. It’s everywhere, business, politics, religion, and even social. They are all infected with it. Oh, I know, it’s been going on for a long time, but it seems to have gotten worse since the age of information. We’re almost forced to use social network websites, but what we put on there is used against us. Freedom of speech there can lose you your job, or keep you from getting one. You have to “LIKE” so many things just to save some money. We are being profiled everywhere, from social networks, to grocery cards, drug store cards, debit cards and credit cards. All of these cards you have to have to save money, so you’re screwed. The so called anonymous polls you take on the web have your IP address, so they are not very anonymous. And cellphones or smartphones are doing the same thing. The apps. you have to purchase tell a lot about you. It’s all so someone else can get ahead. Sell you something, scam you, take advantage of you, or keep control of you, all the while saying it’s a way to better serve you. Serve you to the vultures maybe. The bad thing is that we are all guilty of this bad behavior, but do we have to be? Is that what you have to do to live in this world of ours? If so, it’s pathetic.

I think we need to turn off our TVs, computers, radios, cellphones, smartphones, Ipads and all the other information devices we have, and try to help each other get through life. Life is not always easy anyway. With a little help it can be much easier.

You don’t have to be the first one out on the highway either. Let someone else get ahead of you. This is not a competition. If everyone lets the merging people get in there wouldn’t be any traffic jams. Don’t stay in the merging lane as long as possible either, and then jump in, that just causes more problems.

We all need to be like gears, and inter-mesh with each other. Synchronize ourselves so that life moves smoothly along.

We need to live harmoniously with the planet also. Let’s quit littering and using petroleum products. It seems just about everything, not food has petroleum in it. Hell with oil spills in our oceans and seas even the food has some. Let’s stop breeding so much. The more people there are on this planet, the more we adversely affect it. We go out and hunt down deer and other animals to control their numbers, what about the human animal. I’m not talking about killing people to limit their number, although that happens with war, murders, and manslaughter. I’m talking about voluntarily limiting our numbers. It’s not like the old days when you had to have a lot of kids to work the farm. If we get down our numbers some, nature will take care of the rest with disasters, disease, and virus’s. I know that sounds terrible, but face it, that’s how it’s supposed to work. The planet is supposed to be in balance. Not completely askew.

When we invent something, some new innovation, let’s take into consideration the side effects, not only to humans, but to nature. If we are going to come out with new technology every few months or year, let’s have people turn in the old technology for the new. Recycle as much of the old for the new as possible. I know it’s a pain, but let’s go back to recyclable glass bottles with a deposit on them. I remember the old days as a kid, I use to collect them for extra money. It not only helps the environment, but helps kids to learn the value of a job, and helps to keeps them out of trouble.

Back to the petroleum problem, we need to more things from renewable resources. There are plenty of things we can do this with. There are already companies making bio-plastics. Let’s expand this to vinyl, synthetic leather, and other things we use so much plastic for.

We need to come up with a much more efficient use of solar and wind power. What we have now is better than petroleum, but still has bad side effects for the environment. Electric vehicles are better than internal combustion type vehicles, but the batteries need to be more efficient, and less harmful to the environment. The Hybrid people rarely consider the environmental hazards of the batteries. Someone needs to come up with some kind of bio-battery. Hell you can make a battery from a potato. I know a potato is not very efficient, but we need to expand on something like that. Without using all of these methods, we will never get over the petroleum addiction.

We also need to abandon nuclear power. After what has happened in Japan, Chernobyl, and Three Mile Island, we should have figured that out. The people that tout nuclear power as clean energy forget to talk about the problem of the waste, which lasts for thousands of years, and the hazards. It’s funny how, with enough propaganda, you can sell anything.

I’m sure that all of this can be done, if we really try our best. Just be more considerate of others, mother nature and the planet. If we don’t we will end up destroying ourselves eventually and the planet will fix itself.

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