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It was early morning, about 1:15 a.m., and a girl in her early twenties lay sleeping peacefully on her bed. Outside, the sound of crickets broke the silence as a cool summer breeze whistled through the open window, and swirled around her almost-white hair.

The night had been so peaceful, but seemed a little eerie all the same. Slowly, her bedroom door opened. It creaked a little, but the girl did not wake. A man entered the room and looked around. His eyes fell on the girl, and he felt his heart skip a beat. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, and he knew he must have her.

He walked slowly toward her, taking off his black overcoat, and tossing it aside. He then knelt down beside her, and stared a while longer. Finally, after a moment of studying her, he thought again, "I must have her." He slowly pulled back the blanket that had been carelessly thrown on her several hours before. He was surprised and delighted to see that she was sleeping in the nude, and he could do nothing but stare for a few minutes longer.

After a short while, he could no longer control himself. The soft moonglow highlighted her wonderful white skin. The man stared at her lips, wanting, needing to kiss them. But he would wait. He gently touched the outside of her leg, her absolutely gorgeous hips and waist, then up her chest, and to her neck. He stood up and leaned on the bed, over her so that he could stare into her eyes when she woke. He massaged the back of her neck for a minute, until her eyes opened.

She saw the man hovering over her, and she tried to scream, but one look into his piercing eyes paralyzed her into submission. He moved down to softly kiss her lips. He then licked her, starting from her upper lip, over her nose, between her eyes, and to the top of her forehead. He could taste the make-up remnants from the day before, but it didn't bother him. He started kissing the sides of her neck, while his right hand moved down her body. When he reached her hip he stopped, and gently squeezed. He looked into her eyes again, then passionately kissed her lips while his hand moved to her inner-thigh, massaging as he went along, until he reached her clitoris, and tickled it slowly. While massaging her most sensitive area, he returned to kissing her neck. He gently ran his teeth across her skin, then swirled his tongue. Her skin was the best he'd ever tasted. The girl put her arms around the man, holding him close, rubbing and caressing his back. Suddenly, she tensed up, her eyes widening with fear as she felt his teeth piercing her skin, and blood being drained from her body.

The bite frightened her at first, but then she was strangely aroused by it. She started unbuttoning his black shirt, and unzipping his black pants. The man did not drink much of her blood. Something was telling him not to let this one go. He helped her lower his pants. Luckily, he was not wearing any underwear. He couldn't stand the thought of getting off of her right now. They stared into each other's eyes. There was something so familiar, as if their souls had met before. He went to kiss her as they simultaneously grasped the most incredible pleasure either had experienced before.

They continued to caress each other as they kissed, then stared into each other's eyes. They moved to the floor, the man leaning back against the bed, and the girl on top of him, looking deeply into his eyes. That look on her face was so beautiful, it touched him deep, to his soul. She ran her hand through his hair. They could feel their souls dancing above them, being as one. It was a feeling neither had experienced, and could never with another person.

The man put one hand on her waist, gripping softly yet firmly. The other hand, he put behind her head, and brought her close. He stared into her eyes again, then kissed her. As they kissed, both of their bodies tensed up as they felt an intense rush of pleasure. Their bodies went limp, and they got into bed, and fell asleep in each other's arms.

The man woke a few hours later. He did not open his eyes. He didn't want to. He didn't know if he had just had another dream, or if this time it had actually happened. He felt so incredibly empty. He needed to find his soul mate soon, or his depression would kill him. He sighed. Then, to his surprise, the girl who lay beside him turned in her sleep, and still asleep, put her arm around him. A tear ran down his cheek as he turned to hold her, kiss her, and then fall asleep again.
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