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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Gothic · #1893657
The wicked must walk the earth.

              "Is this an accident?" Raven looked about at the crushed limo.

              "That's the way were looking at it."  Detective Aden turned back to
              his witness. "Mrs or Misses?" "Look all I saw was a big statue fall
              on it, then I ran. Okay? Can we get this done?" the witness is a
              meter maid.

              Aden rubbed the back of his neck and sighed, "Mrs or Misses?"
              "Officer Nadine. I guess I'm a misses since my husbands took
              off and left me and our daughter. This, this statue just fell on the
              car and then it got up and walked away."

              "How big was it-the statue?" Aden looked down at a foot print in the
              concrete sidewalk. "Six feet maybe more; it could have been a costume.
              Alls I know is, it fell on the limo and then walked away." Nadine rolled
              her eyes upward and pointed to a hole in a third story window of an
              apartment. "It busted out up there."

              "Jesus. That's 60 feet at least." Raven looked up at the hole.
              "Ah, Raven? I'm kind of skeptical about your paranormal skills.
              But, if you could offer something insightful it would be appreciated."
              the detective smirked at the Paranormal Investigator.
              Raven smirked back, "Sounds like a gollum. That's Hebrew for a
              man made of stone."
              "Oh-okay." Aden made a note on his note pad. "Do we have a run
              on the plates?" An officer read off the owner of the limo plates.
              "Thank you. Why would a man be made of stone?... Raven."
              Aden gave a toothy smile.

              Raven gave a toothy smile back, "He was most likely wealthy enough
              to afford it and near death. We should be looking for the Witch that
              did this. My guess she or he rents that apartment."
              Raven rolled her eyes upward to the hole.
              Aden gave a pained expression to the uniformed officer that provided
              the BOLO on the plates. The officer read off the name of the resident:

              "Helen Adams: age 87, retired art collector.
              No criminal record. She's a selectman on the city board."

              "Well, has anyone bothered to find her?" Aden growled,
              "She's an 87 year old woman and her apartment has exploded.
              Put out a BOLO on her!"

              "Helen Adams is also a Grand Witch in the Golden Dawn
              Coven." Raven interjected and pointed to the limo dissolving into
              "What the hell!" Aden started recording the phenomenon on his ipod,
              the limo vanished too quickly.
              "Should I call back the tow?" the uniformed officer said meekly and
              then made the call.

              "Do you believe in the paranormal now?" Raven gave a Cheshire Cat
              smile at the frustrated detective.
              "I want a haz-mat team here a.s.p! I want every fiber and tire mark
              bagged and analyzed! That includes the witch's apartment!
              Jesus crow!" Aden stomped about, circling the spot where the limo
              had been.

              "If you don't mine, I'd like to examine Miss Adams' apartment.
              There should be some mystical clay and wine to wash it down."
              Raven gave a big toothy smile at Aden's glare.
              "If you find any evidence, bag it for the lab!" the detective barked

              to be continued... .
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