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by whrads
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holdall memory


...It was no time for Rabbit to be ambivalent he had learnt certain, ideas on behaviorism from Alice, but now Juliet was totally different holdall, what if her waving the Dagger was really because she is ravenous, and not that she is missing Romeo. “nay thou rank tickle-brained flap-dragon!” he heard, swallowed more rabbit saliva, as he thought to himself he, had learnt so much, from all the children’s story books. Must stay polite and calm and never use harsh or rude words, but the Juliet’s entourage were another story, he would not call them rude but their medieval dialects were, he thought; aesthetically confounded. Just the idea of expressions like - Thou rank tickle-brained flap-dragon! - Thou infectious earth-vexing canker-blossom! , Were creepy not that they had anything to do with actuality, or said anything new; was he finally being trampled in his own game, was it time for him to leave the kids’ story books, and let the holes on this turf to some more up-to-date professionals. Perhaps it is time for him to become a television anchor. He could learn short words very quickly. Surly after so many years of them guiltless kids any one is bound to develop certain chronic patterns. But that is all for the future; the vegetable knife!, that is what Juliet needs, what happened to all that toxic poison and kissing, going around with Romeo, the dagger, surly must be from another story....


…. Bunny rabbit eyes were sure when they saw a green light; yes, it was a green light, but the sharp blade of shinning dagger in Juliet’s hand made no room for err. Juliet was feeling peckish, and green lights from the charismas tree lights glittered on the dagger with a special warm glow, Juliet must have forgotten all about Romeo by now and only thought on her mind must have been to catch the rabbit before the oven is too hot. He climbed the charismas tree right to the top and hide himself there, behind an ornamental nutcracker. Bunny waited for Juliet’s now passé and predictable stuff, “ Roerry or Roerry, where art thou” Bunny wasted no time targeted the nutcracker right into the forehead of Juliet, hitting her right in the middle between her two eyes slightly above her nose. Juliet fell to ground, hitting her backside hard on the armchair bouncing her feet right into the air, swinging her shoe right out of her left foot, swinging and swinging up and up in to the air, as it fell on the little plastic mother goose by the entrance door.

Many hours went by, Bunny did not dare come down, it was all dark and quiet other than the wolves outside howling, Juliet had not made a move for many hours. Bunney ears were already pricked as the Grandpa clock strikes midnight. Suddenly a little mice enters the room, followed by another, and another, and another, as if they are proscribed by an external force they gather around Juliet’s shoe. As soon as there are enough of them the Shoe suddenly turns into a glittering carriage, - The shoe turns into a glittering carriage, but not a moment later, bunny rabbit falls down from the charismas tree, hitting the solid rock floor on the head, turning into an ugly green frog. As amazing as it is, Juliet wakes up, the dagger in her hand now a tissue paper, Kleenex, she wipes her mouth, then wipes bunny’s mouth and gives him a kiss.

Peculiar as it may all sound, it just shows every thing has its own place in the order of things. What is high-quality for the goose is good quality for the gander.


... Juliet had not stopped lifting her now warm lips away from Bunny, Roerry, Rabbit, that there was this sound of an explosion, like the musical explosion you hear in the Prokofiev Orchestra or Fireworks, even the music you can hear, in the start of BBC News headlines. But really know, cannot be really dynamite explosion, well what else, then the frog, bunny turned into a handsome mice. A king mice with a diamond crown, on his head, add to that the tissue paper, in Juliet’s hand turned into a mirror. Juliet could not help it, a force from outside of her made her lift the mirror in front of the King mice.

Screamed suddenly the mice, turning to Juliet, ah you are trying to give me a heart attack, said the mice, frog, bunny. Juliet knew it was all too late now, no one was going to have a mice for breakfast, and she had to turn off the oven before all the Shakespeare Theatre Company begin to accuse her of wasting the company money, on gas bills for boiling hot water, to make all that coffee no one was drinking.

Sort of relived, the mice still carrying some of the wisdom and care of the bunny, turned to Juliet; “have you thought of Green Tea” said Mice, Bunny, Frog, Roerry, “I have heard it is quite nourishing”. Mice had to move very quick to save his crown from falling down as the nutcracker passed at the speed of sound just inches from his ear.


...The mice crawled up the final step, into the second level bathroom, he could see a hole in corner of the wooden panel in front to the bathtub. The Cat could not follow him there; the Cats do eventually give up when they go hungry. He could recall the behavior from Cheshire Cat. In the dark and the damp of the space under the bathtub, he could rest, while the cat kept on exhausting himself by scratching the floor. He thought to himself, what if Juliet has forgotten all about him now....

(Closing Credits Roll on the left of screen,
Horizontal 1/3 ratio)

(Right screen reads, in Courier New Fonts, Pink
Background and Green Text, Horizontal 2/3 ratio)

And we, too, had a relationship—
Tight wires between us,
Pegs too deep to uproot, and a mind like a ring
Sliding shut on some quick thing,
The constriction killing me also.

The Rabbit Catcher by Sylvia Plath.

(Sound of cat’s pedicured paws
scratching wooden bathtub panel)

*** On the way out of theatre, handouts:

Mono Color Flashback Photos of Past Scenes - Roerry telling Juliet not to cry if ever got trampled in his own game.


_ New Ending _

as before Roerry hides under the bathtub, behind wooden panel, Cat eventually gets hungry and leaves the bathroom.

Roerry is under bathtub, moving about, one end to the other, it is all dark – from a slit between the old panels a little light gets through, Roerry notes a little movement, he opens his rodent eyes wide open, can not believe his luck, there right in the corner is a spider. A spider in rodent world, is like Big Mac go large, include large fries for the legs. He would have ideally preferred a Big Mac meal, but given the conditions, he was prepared to let go of the beverage, Shake or what ever. Roerry got closer, the spider seemed to be ambivalent may be in denial, resulting from many days of wait in that damp corner. Roerry was now sufficiently close to the spider, he could see the contours on spider belly, it was all a blue spider, with red top and linings. Was it true, it was, he himself, The Spiderman, no imposter, Spiderman himself.

Naturally Roerry would have taken a rodent step back, but he was too hungry. He though to himself, he is Spiderman, the narrative run through his head, he looks like Spiderman, he sounds like Spiderman, but don’t let that fool you, he is Spiderman. But, how, how did the Spiderman get so small, it was no time for being too inquisitive, he could always brush up his own knowledge of Literary Criticism, later on. The Sci Fi community is very strong and active community and sure they would have thought of a way. He promised to himself to check it out on the Web, once out of this predicament.

(Camera moves in towards Roerry’s mouth, as it moves closer to the napping Spiderman)

Few Minutes later, Roerry, regurgitating, the rodent stomach acid, now has broken most spider proteins, the rodent-spider, spider-man, DNA, begin to become indistinguishable. His once bulging potbelly now slightly wrinkled begins to take its naturally rich curvature, depicting a projectile of victory and excellence. The tempested color of his fur seems to have a different texture now almost plastic. Colors Blue and Red take their natural place, with red dominating the arms and head, blue for the rest of body and legs and tail. Roerry now was sure of the plot, he knew he had to move fast and he could be fast as he likes, if he did not want to be feed to first Spider-cat.

The making of the Spider-mice was complete.

(Closing Credits Roll on Full Screen, Yachee Blue Background, Plastic Red Text)

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