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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Detective · #1893755
The world is made of spirits.

        Aden couldn't sleep. He asked his wife if he could take a swim.
        She wanted to join him, but allowed him to leave.
        Their beach house over looked a hunter's moon.
        Aden thought of the legend of the werewolf as he stripped naked
        on the beach and swam out.
        It was madness. Gollum? Granite men?
        Maybe, he was a werewolf and he needed to hunt under the full moon?

        Aden swam back to shore and showered.
        His wife joined him in the shower.
        "Are you refreshed? This isn't going well with the paranormal woman
        is it?" She knew.
        They kissed and embraced.
        "There is no evidence for magic. I feel like I'm on a witch hunt."
        Aden said as he toweled off his wife.

        "You can pass the case over to the paranormal department.
        I'm sure Raven will understand." his wife answered and suckled on him.
        "Jesus. I don't want to give those nut jobs more creedence .. .
        I think I'll take another look at the street cameras.
        There has to be a picture of this guy getting out the limo."
        Aden rubbed his black hair vigorously with a towel.
        His wife took the towel and wiped off his back.

        It was a quarter past five a.m. when he arrived at the National Security
        It was manned 24 hours and Aden was a regular visitor.
        The video of the limo was clear, but the image of the man leaving the
        limo was blurred.
        "How the hell can that guy be blocked out?" Aden barked at the clerk.
        "Well, some high ranking officials can have their images blocked for
        national security reasons." the timid clerk replied.

        Aden threw his fists up in the air and cursed.
        "I'm a Lieutenant in the National Security! Unblock him!"
        The clerk shrugged, "You need to file an A150-1839 request."
        "Are you for real?! This is a murder investigation!
        I'll file it! ... How do I file it?" Aden felt nauseous asking.
        The clerk cleared his throat, "I've filed the request.
        It should take two business days to get a response.
        Here is your receipt access code: 75104."

        The detective held his receipt and glared at the clerk.
        "You should have called me." Raven said, standing in a darkened corner;
        "I have access to all files and video."
        "Oh? And how is that?" Aden spun about his upper lip jutting out as he
        crumpled his receipt.
        Raven muttered some strange words and the blurred image in the video
        was revealed.
        "The President?!" Aden face was ashent, "He's not missing .. or ?"
        Aden made an emergency call to the White House Chief of Staff.
        He was assured the President was not missing or in danger.
        "How did you unblock that image?" Aden spoke slowly to Raven.
        "I used an incantation. All video is magic: energy put into images."
        Raven's answer made Aden suspicious of what he really saw.
        "Could you have manipulated the video?" he asked calmly.
        "Well, yes. I can make you see what I want you to see.
        The eyes are just fleshy cameras. But, you can verify it with your
        receipt." Raven laughed.

        "We can ask for third party verification." the clerk interjected and
        handed Aden another receipt.
        Aden looked long and hard at Raven. Was she an ally or what?
        "This is beyond my jurisdiction . We need the C.I.A."
        Aden said to the clerk.
        "I am C.I.A." Raven answered with a wink and produced her badge
        number: G77F1018.
        The clerk verified the number as authentic.

        "And you can manipulate images..." Aden felt an urge to shoot Raven.

        to be continued.. .
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