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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #1893760
A young trainee learns of something important.. More important than he realizes.
The clash of a sword sends shivers down young Relika's body, causing his teeth to clatter giving off an unpleasant sensation.
"Come ON boy. Use the hilt!" seethes his master Adaephon. Relika wipes the dirt and sand from his brow and stands back up lifting his 1 handed long sword in his right hand. His master lunges at him for the hundredth time today. Relika brings up the sword ready to catch the point of his master's blade in the hilt. The old man sidesteps to the left flank of his young pupil and slams the butt of the hilt against the young boys head.
Adaephon sighs and sheathes his blade "Maybe this technique was to much for you lad. My dearest apologies"
Relika glares at his masters remark "I CAN handle it Adaephon. But there is only so much i can do against a Pandoran Knight."
Adaephon laughs "That's the spirit!" he grins widely and slams Relika in the back "Go get something to eat son. You have worked hard today" Relika glances at his master and observes his face for signs of a trick. But the wrinkly and hardened leather of the old man is the same. Ugly but welcoming at the same time. Relika smiles weakly and unstraps his leather and iron chest-plate. He strolls over to the weapon rack and stacks the sword in with the others. Relika is almost a man in the continent of Pandora, nearly 17 years old. Though by Adaephon's view he is still but a babe crying in the manger. Adaephon is the lord of a large region, he took in Relika as a baby whom he found stranded in a forest nestled in black roses and tulips. Relika is of medium build and height. Has sleek long black hair tied in a ponytail that reaches to the center of his shoulder blades. At first glance he is not much to look at. You may even think he is weak. But if the people of the castle have learned anything it is to not underestimate the boy's strength. Unknown to even the greatest of sorcerer Relika has the strength of the lost Titan Atlas. As much of a gift as it is a curse to him. Relika wanders to the dining hall, a brightly light room with high ceilings and enough tables to host a small army, and sits down at a wood table and looks at the painting of Adaephon's father, the high king Irialis, his adopted grandfather. After a few minutes pass a young girl comes out with a tray of food and milk and sits next to him.
"Well Relika. How did training go today?" she asks laying out the plates and cups
"Same as usual. Adaephon is kicking my ass trying to shove swordplay down my throat" Relika says with a hint of disdain.
"It cant be all bad. Soon you will be able to go to the city and most likely join your grandfathers guard."
"I dont WANT to join
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