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This is what I came up with when I had to create a superhero!
Charecter's name: Reminding Caroline

Description: By day, she is an elderly ELA teacher wearing slacks, but by night she is a young, fast, interesting superteacher!! She goes to all he student's houses, sneaks in, then gently writes on her student's foreheads, " Do your homework!!" As the ink disappers, the message is branbded into her student's minds. When her students awake, they remember the message, but they have no recollection of the night before. When they get to school and their teacher asks them if they did their homework, she already knows the answer. "Yes, Mrs. H." , they reply. (The teacher's last name is a very long German name, so the students shortened it.) Caroline can always "remind" her students, but her favorite time to do it is book report time. Her favorite accesspory for her ELA job is a short haired gray wig.
(Dedication to Carolyn Holisz, the BEST ELA TEACHER EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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