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The Georgia Stone is a set of guides and regulations for future New World generations.
Georgia Stone has Worldwide Guides and
Regulations for Future New World Generations
The Georgia Stone is a set of guides and regulations for future New World generations. No one knows for sure what elite group is responsible for its erecting it. However, the spoke person of mystery group introduced himself as R.C Christian. This made some conspiracy theorist come to conclusion that infamous secrete Rosicrucian society is behind constructing this project.
One June afternoon in 1979, a tall well dressed man entered the office of Mr. Joe H. Fendly Senior, the president of Blue Granite in Elberton Georgia. The mysterious man said he is representing a group of Americans living outside Georgia (the group would like to remain secluded). The strange man asked Fendly to undertake a challenging task. He told Fendly to build for him a tribute for future generations of the world as guidance. Fendly asked Christian why Georgia? Christian replied because his great-grandmother was from Georgia. The cunning Christian gave Fendly two tasks to perform. First, Fendly had to find a suitable place for memorial away from population. Second, Christian needed a reliable bank. Fendly put Christian in touch with Mr. Wyatt C. Martian, the president of Granite City Bank to take care of Christian’s transaction affairs for building the monument.
The two men meet behind the closed doors. Christian mentioned to Martian that money is no object for his group, and for the past twenty years his group were preparing for this moment. In their discussion, Christian added, that in the forthcoming more columns with ancient languages such as: Egyptians, Sanskrit, Cuneiform, Babylonian, Hieroglyphics, and ancient Greek on the outer ring shall be added. Something must have gone wrong because formation of outer ring columns were abandoned. At the end of the secret meeting Martian promised to keep the true identity of Christian and his affiliate under wraps. Martian gave all the Georgia Stone files back to the hidden group. Therefore, the coast of financing Georgia Guide Stone remains classified.
Fendly found the perfect location for the remembrance. A five acre land which belonged to Mr. Wayne Mullenix, on the highest point of Elberton county away from curious eyes. This plot was used as a pasture for Mullenix cows. A few days later Martian bought the farm with the money provided by the Christian’s group in the escrow. Martian notified Fendly of the purchase, and sent out word to start the project immediately.
Bibliotiotecplyades quotes from Elberton Museum about the description of the monument
•”Over all height 19 feet, 3 inches.”•
•” Amount of Granite-951 cubic feet.”
•”Weight (grand total) 237,746 pounds for about 11tons.”
•Four upright stones 6 feet 6 inches wide. 16 feet, 4 inches high 1 feet, 7 inches thick-about 42, 437 pounds or 169,750 pounds total.”
•”One cape stone-6feet 6 inches wide-9 feet 8 inches long-1 foot 7 inches thick, 24,832 pounds.”
•”Four support bases-7 feet,4inches long 2 feet,0 inces-1 foot, 4 inches thick about 4,875 pounds each, or 19,500 pounds total. One support stone base-4 feet 2 ½ inches long-2 feet, 2 inches wide-1 foot 7 inches thick 2,707 pounds.”
•”Lettering over 4,000 sand blasted characters, each 4 inches high.”

•”The four large upright blocks pointing outward are oriented to the limits of the migration of the modern moon during the course of year.”
•”Symbolizing constancy or orientation with forces of nature.”
•”A slot is cut in the middle of the gnomon stone to form a window which aligns with the positions of the rising Sun at the summer and winter solstices and at the equinox, so that the noon shines to indicate noon on a curved line.”
•”The cape stone includes a calendar of sorts, where Sun light beams through a 7/8 inch hole at noon, and shines on the South face of the center stone.”
•”As the Sun makes its travel cycle, the spot beamed through the hole can tell the day of the year at noon each day.”
•”Allowances are made because of variations between standard time and Sun time to set was chosen because it commands a view to the east and to the west and its range of the summer and winter sunrise and sunsets. The stones are oriented in these directions.”
(Descriptive Pamphlet from Elberton Museum, Bibliotecapleyades.net)
Furthermore, the messages on the columns have the following advice for the future generations:
• Adopt common live languages- It is a language that changes with the time and necessity.
• Balance with the nature- Right now because of increase in world’s population (8 billion). The world is not one with the nature because it has gone off balance. There is scarcity of food and water around the world. The next war will not be over Oil, the governments shall fight over water.
•Population- must be reduced to 500,000,000 or below.
•World’s Fitness- the world population must stay in shape.
•Social balance and individual freedom- two of them need to co-exist.
•Religion-world population must submit to one world religion.
•Sovereignty- sovereignty of every nation must be respected.
•Laws- Any small complain or claim must be submitted to the court. The more complicated matter shall go to international court. All the inscriptions above have been translated to the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, and Hebrew.
Finally, it seems Georgia Stone is warning the humanity of a very gloomily future. It makes one wonder, what shall bring the destruction of the world about? Is it going to be famine, flood, super volcanic eruptions, strong Hurricanes, or religious war? Did Christian and his group wanted to warn the population from approaching a worldwide calamity in advance? All that people can do is to get prepared and wait. This might be another Y2K by a wealthy Whimsical group to keep the humanity on its toes.
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