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A biography of a knight that rose to great prominence
Jasen Ram started his military career squiring for Kempala Doom, a cousin to the Duke of Death Valley. He was 12 years old and showed much prowess and skill with a sword. He was trained in the fighting arts of Death Valley where he learned the Dance of Doom technique. At a tournament to celebrate the 50th birthday of Lord Ebben Doom, the reigning Duke of the time, he killed 8 knights on his way to becoming tournament champion, he was only 14 years old. He was initially sent to Death Valley to be a page or cupbearer but he was constantly bullied and teased by the others his age because he had been a foreigner. This abuse didn't last long due to an incident where he beat a boy three years his elder nearly to death. He was then given to Sir Kempala to discipline him and rear his aggression. Later he became so reknowned as a fighter and champion that he was challenged by many knights in single combat duels. He had killed many men in these duels and was eventually nicknamed " The Bloodlust Ram". Men tried to duel him for the honor of killing the Bloodlust Ram. His father, Lord Byron Ram later summoned his son back to the Ramford because of an impending bloodfued with Sir Robben DangerKil and Somdana Doom(Earl of the Reeping Marches). The young Jasen now 17 years, bedded his daughter Erin Dangerkil and in the process took her maidenhood. This angered Somdana Doom who was betrothed to Erin Dangerkil. When Jasen was asked to marry Erin to redeem his actions he rejected the proposal outrightly and also dishonored Sir Robben and his house in the process. This lead to a dangerous conflict within House Doom where Kempala Doom defended Jasen. For this reason Jasen had to flee Death Valley. Because of his support of Jasen Ram, Kempala Doom was exiled from Death Valley by orders of the Duke and father to Somdana, Lord Ebben Doom.

Now in back in the Ramford, he was immediately thrown into a war between his House Ram and 4 other houses such as House Red(main rivals), House Vengance, House Eastfury and House Westfury, a war that went on and off between these 5 houses spanning over 100 years. He was given his own garrison to command and defend his fathers territories. Together with his friend and mentor Sir Kempala Doom he won many battles and pushed back the forces of the Reds and Fury's alike. Jasen was still then just a captain of his garrison and he was yet unknighted, with Sir Kempala his trusted lieutenant exiled from his fiefdom he had no power to grant knighthood. His lord father Byron Ram did not want his son granted knighthood because he felt that the notoriety of Jasen's dueling wasn't worth knighthood and that Jasen needed to earn it with more honor and chivalry. Dispite being unknighted he kept a temporary peace until the assasination of Kempala Doom. He then went on a rampage to find Kempala's killers. His investigations lead him to Death Valley where he discovered that Somdana, now the Duke of Death Valley, was behind the assassination, which was actually ment for him. Jasen wanted to declare war on Death Valley but was advised by Sir Dennis Doom, a son of Kempala, not to, for he wouldn't withstand the might of Death Valley with the sole support of Ramford only.

At the time the Crown had great difficulty with restraining House Doom who under the leadership of Somdana saw fit to take back regions of Phantom Marches and the Kaklands that had once belonged to his family. Many towns were put to sword and sacked during this time and this lead to what is now known as Somdana's Rebellion.
The Royal army struggled to keep the Death Valley host at bay and the kaklands were outclassed by the detfness of the Valley knights. Support from other parts of realm would take months to came in aid for the King. The closest support the king had was the regions occupied within the Wrath. However, because of years of family fueds many houses resented each other and could not unite under one leadership and their liege lord had been House Doom but none of the Wrath bannermen ever came to the Death Valley's cause.

Jasen Ram saw an opportunity to win favour with the king and also garner enough support to avange Kempala and take on Death Valley. Against his father's orders he went to The Wrath, the historic seat of House of Red, to broker a marriage between the two houses. Jasen, along with other noblemen Sir Dennis Doom,Lord Timothy Rage(Lord of the Irate Keep) , Manfred Kak(at the time still heir to Kaksbury) and his older brother Brenden Ram(heir to Ramford), offered Brenden to marry one of Lord Mallen Red's daughters to secure his support against Death Valley. However, Lord Mallen took it a great slight that Lord Byron had not come himself and even greater slight that he had not approved of the union. Jasen then asked Lord Mallen if there was anything that he could do to convince him otherwise. Lord Mallen then issued a challenge to the young man to first get the support of the other 3 houses. So Jasen issued out a challenge of his own: that all 3 houses send out there best champion in single combat against him. The duel was whoever drew first blood would win. Evenmore Jasen's right arm would be tied behind his back to give fair advantage. If he had to lose, he would have to be the liege of his victor or victors. No one answered his challenge. He then went to Eastfury and asked their Lord personally. When the Lord Allister refused to offer a champion, Jasen told him it would be a shame that Simen Westfury had enough courage to send one at least. Upon hearing this Lord Allister immedaitley put a challenger fourth which Jasen Ram disarmed in seconds and leaving bloodied scar on his opponents cheeck. Sir Roland Eastfury would forever be known as Sir Roland Scarface. Next he went to Lord Simen Westfury with the same trick and this time nearly fought for an hour against his opponent. After the duel another knight donned his nickname Sir "Longyield" Kenton Westfury. After Neil Vengance heard about the duels outcomes he simply gave his support without context or objection.

When Jasen went to see Lord Mallen about his answer he simply replied " I should've had more daughters to marry off". ...........TO BE CONT.
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