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U.S. States Prepare for Collapse of Federal Government

      Bill 85 in Wyoming will provide a task force in the event of
      a collapse of the Federal Government and disruption in food
      and energy supplies may require marshal law. Wyoming along
      with other states are preparing for a total meltdown of the
      Federal Reserve by 2030 and are ready to coin their own

      This could lead to civil war and the acquisition of nuclear weapons
      and other military bases. The bill was sponsored by,
      State Rep. David Miller. He said, "The Bill will make Wyoming prepared
      for any crisis or unexpected emergency with the national debt exceeding
      $15 trillion dollars and protest movements growing around the country."

      Wyoming is not alone in independence planning North and South
      Carolina are passing similar preparedness bills. The union may not
      survive the Federal Reserve bankruptcy, but the individual states will.
      It will be very much like the original continental states, but without a
      Federal Government or a Federal Bank.

      Is this an improvement?



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