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by Shruti
Rated: E · Article · Mystery · #1894476
article about viewing the world from the other side...
Money-the most rubbish invaluable piece of paper which is considered to be the most valuable by that part of the society which consider themselves to be the most superior and intelligent. Nowadays, the people have become crazy for earning that piece of paper forgetting or avoiding the beauty of the surroundings or the nature. All our life has become mechanical. Just like a machine without feelings, just like a software who has been given a particular task-the final goal is just to earn money. First it is for Milk then  In our school days we compete for Marks and then afterwards it is the race for the Money. These three M's follow us from cradle to the grave. Fie upon these cravings and these craving creatures! I wonder ..WHY??? is it so important???

            How come the other creatures like the birds and the animals live without these happily??? i always wonder how the golden ray from the burning ball can reach the mother earth in just a fraction of second! Why does it not burn the things but inspite make it more beautiful and shining like gold?? I wonder what is the element present in the sunlight which enables me to see the tiny flying dust particles...The trees know the importance of the sunlight as they have to prepare their food with it. But as we are not able to make it we seldom notice the beauty and the importance of the sunlight... I wonder how can i see my own reflection in the river without the solution of silver nitrate and other chemicals. I wonder how that golden ray transform itself into seven different colors. I always envy the little beautiful delicate butterfly flying in a zig-zag manner ,who have the time to observe and enjoy each and every minute detail of the wonder of the great artist-flower..the little butterfly gets nectar from the flower and so it understands it's beauty but as we are not able to do it we seldom notice the beautiful and magnificant colors of the flower. The rich persons often buy the beautiful paintings painted by the renowned painters by paying a hefty sum.  Fie upon them! if they open their eyes and look around they will see far more marvellous paintings. No painter can create such beautiful paintings with varied colours and shapes no matter how much knowledge they posses ."Nature is the art of God".I wonder...WHY???

            The beautiness and the mysteries of the nature cannot be described in words.First there is an ugly catterpillar then it makes the cocoon with it's own saliva! and afterwards it emerges out as a beautiful and a delicate butterfly! O I wish that even the humans could build their cocoon and come out being a humane human leaving behind the ugliness of greedism, jealous , cruelty and lots of other bad habits...I wonder if the butterfly could remember anything about it's past life as a catterpillar....??? I wonder why and for whom the snails leave behind their footsteps? I woder..WHY???                             

                    Nature is just marvellous. I think No A.C. could give the coolness and freshness we get by just standing under the tree and that too without any payment: for free! No music system could be as strong as the thunder.No light could be as bright as the sunlight. No heater could provide us with the warmth like the sun.No person could imagine the beautiful and varied shapes that the clouds make.No person can feel the effect of the rain by standing under the shower. The pleasure when each drop touches our body is beyond description.No one could dance as beautiful as the peacock. No model could walk as magnificant as the dove.No music could be as pleasing and loving like the chirping of the birds.Today the people seem to forget living.Today the people seem to move around just by wearing a mask of happy face.they seem to forget how to laugh from the heart. They just laugh for the sake of getting good photograph and updating it in the facebook. O i wish even i could laugh freely like a 6-months old infant.In the rush to capture the moment in the camera they seldom forget to live that precious and golden moment.I wonder..WHY???

              People nowadays don't seem to feel the feelings. We are taught the composition of the tears in the biology class that it contains water and salt & other things but what about the feelings which are enclosed in each drop of the tears.Each drop of the tear weigh tonnes and no tissue paper can lighten it.It can only be lightened by the helping hand on the shoulder, a lap where we can leave our all tensions, words which soothens us telling that I am with you, ears which have the time to listen,and eyes that could understand the grief without words.We are taught that we use upto 80 muscles for laughing but the feeling and the strength of the laughter nobody understands.I wonder ...WHY??? In our botany class we are taught that the petals of the sunflower are not the petals but they are ray florets.But I don' t think that the honey bess or the butterflies understands it ,even then they enjoy and understand the flower better than us.I wonder...WHY???I wonder who created these beautiful flowers... what is the element present in the sunflower because of which it faces towards the sun.....Is it afraid of the darkness:)

              Even in our education system we are forced to crame the poem of William Shakespeare keeping aside the beautiness of the nature in the four  walls of the classroom! I wonder...WHY???Nature is full of mysteries and wonders . If we open our eyes and view the world from the other side spending some time we will see wonders.But nobody seems to understand it nor they have the time for it.The people find all these things crazy.But the real enjoyment or dedication comes when we are crazy.

I wonder ..WHY.. why all these things are like this... I wonder .... and WONDER...???
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