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Phoenix starts his day in the wee hours of the morning, as usual, but not the usual day...
Phoenix got up after sleeping for only an hour and a half and worked on his thesis some.  After that, he slept for another hour and a half and got up again, not knowing what to do.  He did not feel like working on the homework that he had to do, but he knew he had to get it done, too.  Phoenix decided to change all of the calendars, since it was the first day of October.  Back to bed he went for another hour or so, then got up, got dressed for the day, packed up his things, and told his spouse what his plans were for the day.  They included going for a drive, studying at the coffee shop, dropping off a letter to his doctor, talking to one of his professors, crashing for a few hours in the afternoon, and going to his supervisory thesis meeting at 1700 that evening.

What a day.  And it was a Monday.  It was not even a school day.  That was what got Phoenix going on the off track.  He went for his drive and discovered that the coffee shop opened a half an hour later than he thought it did.  So Phoenix went for another drive and stopped at the coffee shop once it opened.  That was at 0630.  He had a strong cup of coffee and worked on a summary for his social psychology class for a while before going over to the college to park across from his doctor's office.  He walked the letter over to the front desk of the mental health clinic and then attempted to find parking within walking range of his professor's office.  That did not happen.  That and the fact that his professor, unbeknownst to Phoenix, was teaching a class at that time, anyway, convinced Phoenix that he should just go back to the coffee shop and send his professor an e-mail when he got a chance.  Phoenix worked on his research paper for his child psychopathology class for a while before e-mailing his neuropharmacology professor about the lab that he was to complete sometime very soon.  He attached the graphs that he had and explained his questions about each.  At least he had labeled the graphs...  He got an encouraging e-mail from his thesis supervisor and that made Phoenix feel a little better about his day, though not much.  He took a break to write for a while.  He just had to take a break.  A break?  In grad school?  Yeah, right!
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