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Granite is radioactive !

        Abby was the best forensic analyst in the country.
      Aden had trusted her with many mysterious cases, but this
      case could get them both locked up. It is one thing to investigate
      the President for murder; it's even worse to consider
      the President is possessed by a gollum demon. Abby studied the
      street video of the President exiting a limo and then the limo
      being crushed by a granite man.

          "Geeze. I don't think this is fake.
          I mean, the image is seamless; Abe.
          If there is a granite man walking around,
          he'd be very radioactive. Granite inert is radioactive,
          but if it moves and makes any friction it can make
          ball lightning. You want to find this guy just get a drone
          with an infrared radioactivity scanner. Your granite man
          will be sending out flares of radiation." Abby wiggled her
          pigtails as she sipped her tea.

          "Finally, some logic. Abby I've been shadowed by a paranormal
          C.I.A. agent. She unblocked this video with an incantation."
          Aden's speech was tired and slow.

          "Oooo! Cool! I've heard that some smart computers are using
          Druid incantations to make free will choices.
          Maybe, Raven and her ilk have a secret password that can be
          spoken to all smart computers?" Abby smiled like a little girl and sipped
          some more of her tea.

      Aden slumped into his swivel chair and sipped some green tea.
      This investigation was starting to come together in a strange logic.
      "The C.I.A is Masonic and Masons practice Druid Magic." Aden whispered
      into his tea cup.

      to be continued... .

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