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An essay defining "Social Media."
Social Media Mafia

         Social Media is what defines the 21st century. It’s like the head honcho of the mafia family. It can take control of our lives and our time, seduce us with their fantastic deals and ads to make us spend our money on them, and can assassinate us in a split second.

         The mafia family of “Social Media” attracts pray of all ages, but basically and majorly the younger and older generations. The social media has helpers and followers of every kind and from around the world. And one of these close followers is the “Facebook” family whom attracts young operators. Facebook presents itself as a site to keep in communication with your friends, families, and best of all your enemies, such as bosses, teachers, and ex boyfriend/girlfriends. If you join the family of Facebook they give you the power to broadcast your whole entire life to the world. Upload pictures and videos of people breaking out into a fight, update statues of who you hate whether it’s your teacher or boss. And of course, there’s more! If you should chose to join the Facebook family they will even grant you the power to stalk people! And it’s amazing how you can accomplish this power by just giving Facebook your first/last name, an e-mail address, sex, and birthday. But once you enter the family of Facebook they've got a tight grip of you and your time. The household of Facebook also allows the general public to present the world their views on intense and passionate topics such as gay marriage or a coming up election, but there’s nothing like wasting time of grabbing some popcorn and sitting down to read a good ole’ fight in the news feed of your Facebook. I can already see the Social Media family making a red check beside step number 1, “governing the living and their time.”

         Who doesn't love a good deal? Like a two for one price or a buy one get one free coupon. The world loves deals; period. But the big huge social media circle has some clever and tricky deals. And these clever and tricky deals will steal you blind of your money. Let’s not also forget those glorious ad’s that slow down your computer and waste your time, right? Though truthfully, we can watch our favorite shows on the computer for free because of these little boogers. Yeah, that’s a plus, but they also have their dark side. Some of these ads though that pop up randomly on our sites present us with deals and steals! The more appealing they look to us, the more we are willing to open up our wallets and purses and get out that pretty credit card. And you simply can’t just purchase one thing off of the internet, oh no! Another ad on the side of site entices you to buy this or get a subscription to that and before you know you’re opening up your monthly credit card bill and find yourself drowning in debt because of those lovely deals that you purchased. Mafia family, Social Media, has conquered a little bit more of the world, especially in financial measures.

         With broadcasting your views and beliefs on the social media network, this can sometimes end in someone’s demise. Cyber bullying has shown that this is the Social Media’s deadliest weapon, especially to the youngest cyber bullied victim of 15 years of age. The Media has messages, statements, and various sites that bully or discriminate against anyone of any kind, but especially toward homosexuals and lesbians in today’s society. Popular sites such as Twitter and Facebook, can sometimes demonstrate the works of cyber bulling… I wonder if the social media family is proud of this?

         The head honcho of the world is the Social Media, no doubt about that. We start by following little bits of a bread crumb trail. We try out and get an account on Facebook, even though we promise ourselves we won’t get caught up in the virtual world. But once we get an account on Facebook we have to get an account on Twitter, and start to twitter to our friends ever 15 minutes of what we’re doing using our cell phones. Halfway down the trail of bread crumbs we soon lose our wallets with the money and credit cards that use to belong in. When finally get to the end of the trail and it’s all dark and bleak. The Social Media mafia has come to collect their due; they already have our money, but not our souls. But let us rewind and think perhaps it’s best to stay away from the social media, because all in all it could ruin you, consume your time, make you go flat broke, or literally kill you.
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