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A tale about Dragons. Sort of whisical, a little humorous.
                                                            The Truth About Dragons

Well, I'm certainly no expert on dragons. I just know one. From what he tells me, all this fire breathing stuff is hogwash. It's just fear mongering. The closest he's ever gotten to fire breathing, was some habaneros he ate. No one likes to burn the inside of their mouths, not even dragons. Oh, and the bit with princesses, he doesn't care as long as the meat is tender. Hey, a lamb is good, but it's only a snack. A calf is better, a little bit bigger. Of course a baby moose is even better albeit a little gamey. Dragons like tender meat, just like you or I. All these fairy tales have painted a dark picture of them, but they're not so bad, once you get to know them. I do have to admit their breath is terrible. You've just got to stand to the side or back a ways. They don't use mouthwash and no one has invented a toothbrush for them. All in all, they are pretty clean though. You ever hear of the Loch Ness Monster? That's actually a dragon taking a bath. When they are taking a bath, there's no danger, because they've already eaten. Nothing like a nice bath before you go to sleep. Basically they're just like you or me. Oh, I know we don't have wings or scales, but otherwise very similar. They do make their homes in

caves, and are hatched from eggs, but a lot of reptiles are like that. Well all are hatched from eggs. They are actually pretty protective of humans, because humans are the only animals that herd their food. It's certainly a lot easier to follow humans, and eat their food, than to go looking for it, on their own. They're pretty logical folk. I say folk, because as I said, I know one.

I guess I should explain, I first met Luther about a thousand years ago. At least it seems like a thousand years. I had come up on him by accident, and I was scared to death. Hell, I startled him. He was just sunning on the beach, when I stumbled upon him. I thought he was a dune, because he was covered with sand, but they do that, to keep from getting burnt, he told me later. He was just lying there basking. All of the sudden he stirred, hearing me. He rose up on his hind legs, as he shook the sand off. Flapping his huge greyish green wings. I was terrified. He was about fifteen feet tall standing, and his tail was easily that length, with a pointed tip. His scales were brown and green, and glinted in the sunlight. His eyes were a fiery amber, like cats eyes, and sparkled with intelligence. Although scary to behold, he had a smile on his wizened face. Almost a smirk.

“What, pray tell, are you scared of?” He asked. "Have you never seen a dragon before?”

“No, but I've heard stories,” I said.

“Ha Ha Ha," he laughed, “I bet you have. All that fire breathing stuff, It's all just bogus tales. Do you see me breathing fire? Of course not. Oh, yes, I do fly and swoop down on people, but that's just to watch them scatter. I've got to have some fun.”

“So, you're not going to eat me?” I asked.

“No, I just ate,. and was sleeping it off.” He said. “Have you never taken a nap after lunch?”

“Of course,” I said, “but I didn't think dragons did.”

“I'm sure there's a lot you don't know about us.” He said. “My name's Luther. I've been around since before humans existed. I've watched you evolve over the ages. Your people never were to smart. Believing in sun gods, and rain gods, and gods of the seas. Sun gods, give me a break. It was pretty amusing watching you. Hell, you even thought the world was flat. I knew that wasn't true just by flying around.” “Yep, your people were pretty gullible.”

“So you were here when the dinosaurs were?” I asked.

“I watched them come and I watched them go.” He said. “No asteroid wiped them out. There were just too many of them, they were too big, and too stupid. There was no way they could last. I guess Mother Nature kind of blew it. Of course, the small ones did alright. They just evolved into birds”

“What about you?”. I asked. "It's not like you're small."

“We were smart.” He said. “We kept our numbers down. There was never more of us, than the planet could provide food for. Plus we could live forever. Why keep breeding if there was no point?”

“What about all the piles of gold and jewels I hear dragons have?” I asked.

“Nope,” he said. “Got to be able to get out of there on a moments notice, what with dragon slayers and all, getting in your face like darn gnats. They're a nuisance I tell you.” “Besides who needs gold and jewels?” “Have you ever seen a more handsome dragon?”He asked.

“What you don't have in gold and jewels, you're certainly not lacking in ego.” I mumbled.

“What's that?” he asked.

“Oh nothing nothing,” I said. "Besides you're the only dragon, I've ever seen."

“So all the tales I've heard are false?” I asked.

“For the most part yes.” He said. “Oh there were some of us who took young women. They may have been princesses, I don't know. I think it was probably because, they were tender and nothing else.” “As a rule, my kind didn't eat people, they were too fun to play with." "Of course there's always rogues.”

So, there you go. Dragons aren't evil or dreadful. Their just misunderstood. If you don't believe me, just ask Luther. He's right behind you.

                                                                    The End
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