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A word about politics.

          Politics is prostitution. It is clear to me from your new publication
          Ann Coulter you are both.
          Do not be ashamed of your skills. Did not Jesus forgive Mary Magdalene?
          I am certain your search for new Victoria's Secrets in your Republican Party
          will bring you fame and Sainthood.

          Let it be known from this day forward that government is for the lobbyist
          and by the lobbyist with the best Victoria's Secrets.
          Ann Coulter you are a Victoria's Secret lobbyist.
          But, you will never know what it means to be a black Latino prostitute.
          When the final words are written in this great nation's history;
          may it be said that Ann Coulter took booty and bodacious in
          leather and lace.
          We the people of fishnet catsuits will not perish from the Earth
          as long as Ann Coulter can work her blond booty on capital hill.

          Thank you and always use a condom with lube.

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