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by Haili
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Day 4: dramatis personae. I'm excited cuz this is easy. Beauty and the Beast retelling
Dramatis Personae

Draft a list of your characters and write a brief profile on each one (first and last name, age, occupation or relation to main character(s) and rough physical description.) Keep your list handy for future updates throughout the Prep.

Calista Rose Shepherd: my main character. She's 16-17 for the majority of the story. She's cursed with blindness, as marked by her violet eyes, and has curly shoulder length brown hair. Her responsibilities at home are weaving and knitting the yarn Briony spins.
Damien Lysander Sanglier: Son of King Haemon and Pandora. As a prince, he's called Lysander. His younger half-brother is Ignatius. As a human, he has orange-red hair and turquoise eyes. As a beast, he is covered in fur, still human shaped, has a mane, claws for hands, paws for feet, long hairy pointed wolf's ears and ox horns on top of his head. He's the other main character. He's 2 years older than Calista.
Aurelia Dawn Shepherd: Calista's oldest sister, five years older than Calista. She has sunny blonde hair and sky blue eyes. A little bit of a snob. She does the sewing and dying of the wool that the other sisters make.
Briony Sage Shepherd: Calista's other older sister, who is three years older. Briony has red hair and green eyes and is a little spitfire. She does the spinning and carding of the wool, and always stands up for Calista.
Elani Mercer Shepherd: The girls' mother, only child of Quentyn Mercer, a well-to-do merchant. She falls in love with Flavian, a lowly shepherd, because he is handsome. Her father does approve, so when Rhodes offers to help her change her father's mind. The price she pays is that one of her children will be "blind to the beauty that snared their mother." She dies in childbirth giving birth to Calista.
Flavian Shepherd: Calista's father. Is not terribly fond of Calista since she "killed" her mother and brother.
Gabriel Shepherd: Calista's stillborn twin brother. She is "blamed" for his death. Calista still talks to him.
Haemon, King of Sanglier: he's the king of Sanglier and Damien's father. He disowned his bastard son Damien when Ignatius was born. His wife had been barren for a long while before that.
Ignatius, Prince of Sanglier: Three years younger than his half brother Damien, but Damien is exiled to Leander as soon as Ignatius is born. Ignatius doesn't know about his half brother until his father is on his death bed.
Julian Miller: Aurelia's fiancee. Thinks it's a brilliant idea to kidnap Calista from Damien's castle. Yeah...
Kyrie: Melina and Natham's little daughter. Kind of a "chip" character.
Melina: Pandora and Damien's maidservant. Kyrie's mother and Natham's wife. Is too wrapped up in her love life to notice that Damien is going on a downward spiral that causes the curse.
Natham: Pandora and Damien's manservant. Husband of Melina, father of Kyrie. Their whole family is turned invisible due the curse.
Olympia, Queen of Sanglier: Haemon's wife, is infertile for a while. Mother of Ignatius.
Pandora: Servant of the king, mother of Damien, and the king's mistress.
Quentyn Mercer: Elani's wealthy merchant father.
Rhodes: the enchantress/enchanter character. Still don't know if Rhodes is a boy or a girl...but the machine behind the madness and the curses. Am considering giving Rhodes purple eyes...
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