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Do what is to your advantage. ..

                What is politics but a magic trick? We watch the world
    spinning into chaos and the magician tells us to believe in a
    New World Order. Aden sat with a blank expression as the Director
    of the C.I.A. explained why the investigation was being transferred to
    the Paranormal Investigations. Aden knew the Director from his training
    at the academy of terrorist intervention in Detroit. She had been an
    instructor. Now his friend and mentor stood before him in a leopard
    leotard and black stilettos. She was dressed for a Halloween party at
    the White House. Aden cleared his throat and drank some punch in
    the dark mohagony office.

            "The limo driver is dead and Miss Helen Adams is still missing."
    Aden said with a disturbed gaze as the Director bent over to open a
    drawer in her desk. "Are you staring at my butt lieutenant?"
    Director Gen Mounds queried. "Yes." Aden answered flatly.
    "Good. I worked my butt off for this tight ass." the Director replied
    with a chuckle and handed Aden a classified file: "Clay."
    Gen took a sip of her brandy as Aden flipped the pages and swirled
    and sipped his brandy glass.

            "I honestly don't know why you spooks have to be so spooky."
    Aden remarked and paused on a page~

    "For the past ten years, this New Group of World Servers has been
    reorganized from the elite men and woman of the world.
    The knowledge of their existence will be revealed upon the reappearance
    the Messiah, who will unite all the nations of the world.
    Their bodies have been preserved with special clay so that they will
    survive the coming tribulations .."

    Aden sighed and tossed the folder up onto the green blotter of the
    Director's massive Napoleon desk. "Please don't tell me your made of
    stone." Aden said rubbing his weary eyes. Gen smiled and crushed her
    marble paper weight orb in her left hand. She let the pieces fall into her
    waste paper basket. "Can you still feel anything human?" Aden asked.
    "Of course, I am still sensual." Gen answered and gave Aden a passionate
    kiss . Aden squeezed her right breast, "Silicon?" They laughed.
    "I cannot die by fire or brute force of any kind. I am made of a different clay.
    I am sensual and impervious to the ravages of time." the C.I.A. director
    straddled Aden's lap and worked her hips and thighs against him.
    She felt as soft and smooth as any other woman.

          "Well, I guess I have no choice but to accept the chain of command."
    Aden remarked with the knowledge that he could be killed instantly.
    He was a good cop, but this was not the time to be a martyr.
    Gen gave a tooth smile, "You could join with me only after drinking the
    clay." She sprinkled some clay in the brandy glass in his right hand.
    Aden knew to deny her offer meant death. He drank his brandy.

    to be continued.. .
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