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A voyage to uncover a legend.

Search for Hollow Earth

North to Alaska…

         An over 5000 year old legend speaks of a place out there where the air gets warmer coming out from an oceanic depression, where the sea level isn’t at sea level anymore. According to the legend the Earth is hollow, and within there lies a new world, that of inner Earth.

         It is thought that a new world, another earthly civilization estimated to be far more advanced than ours, can be found there. At its center an inner Earth sun, that gives the people of hollow Earth their light and heat, shines continuously just like our sun.

         July 2013 was our departure.

         We sailed the restless seas to find the entrance to the Inner Earth, where dozens of UFO sightings and even a large whirlpool were noted. This is possibly one of the greatest journeys in the history of mankind.

         Inside that world we expected to find and see the rumored flying saucers that make their mysterious appearance near the North Pole, sometimes scaring passenger planes. In some cases they tend to come close enough for the pilot to be able to feel the gigantic ship’s emanated heat on his face from the intense glow. They would immediately report to air traffic control for emergency.

         Few incidents are more frightening than the one on November 17, 1986 when a Japanese airliner, flight 1628 high in the air above the Alaskan tundra, came close to three enormous fast moving flying objects that were described as walnut shaped object, twice the size of an American aircraft carrier. The objects were not only matching their speed and tracking them; they were swirling around, below and above, all over the area surrounding the plane.

         When one such strange object comes close to the window of the plane you pilot, wobbling back and forth, even a pilot with 29 years of experience will panic and would want to fly away as soon as possible. What would you do? I would probably panic to the point where I would crash with the plane.

         As if things weren’t strange enough, soon a message came in from Elmendorf airspace reporting the unidentified object have finally made their appearance on the radar. This is one of the reasons pilot voice recorders and black boxes are made mandatory on air planes. Sightings were reported all across America by pilots.

         But let’s focus on the wondrous north, where Symmes' Hole might appear or be lying in wait. Estimated to be 1400 across and 800 miles deep, ending on the other side. We never planned to go inside; instead we intended to circumnavigate it. A helicopter and a small boat were ready to use for scouting.

         The beautiful crystal structures of icebergs, higher than the ships and stretching seven times more than what can be seen of their size into the freezing depths of the water, were the least of our worries. The ice caps were melting at this time of the year, they were easy breakable and navigable, but the low temperature and cold winds, makes one wonder if we could ever return.

         Taking our hearts between the teeth, we embraced seemingly eternal day, gruesome frost and the great north that was eagerly waiting to swallow us.

         I have made few good friends on this journey. We were a team strongly bonded by our will to conquer whatever lies ahead.

The sea was calm, no clouds in sight and would any bad guys have show up even there, where no lost soul would care to come, we had military support on board ready for them. I wasn’t yet sure what their exact role was on our mission, but we agreed to let them join. The army did generously fund our expedition after the great war-budget cuts earlier this year. It’s surprising a budget cut on wars could ever occur.

         Courageous as well as thought inspiring and brilliantly innovative, we headed on towards the inner of the eternal ice. Our helicopter seemed to have spotted a depression far ahead, on the right side of the original route.

         “We are coming, slowly but surely, wait for us.” I whispered in a low voice. The breeze was forcing me to hold my eyes tightly shut. A thick scarf was covering my face from nose downwards. It felt as if my hat was too thin and actually made for summer, not a cold winter landscape.

         “You know we’re broadcast live? What will the public think when they see you saying that?” The army officer was laughing as if the air was warming him up.

         “The Phoenix Project is no laughing matter, but we must not forget there might be others over there. One has to worry about what they don’t know.”

         Soon we came close to what everyone started to describe as a maelstrom. Grey clouds were gliding over our heads, the cold did loosen up and the sea was shifting as if in outrage of our arrival.

         Stupefied we did discover the huge anomalous pit hole, everyone was trying to break out of the hypnotizing view of water flowing down within water, while waves were rising up from the hole in defiance of gravity. Thunders were missing to add the last punch of fright into my chest.

         Shiny globes encircled by discs were rising out of Earth’s entrance. The commander ordered his men to get ready to fire.

         “I may look to you like a patriot, but what I really am is someone who seeks to revenge on his own nation.

         “Inner Earth used to be my home, but I was exiled.

         “Along with me I brought the plans to counterengineer those hover crafts you call flying saucers.”

         We were backed up by our own flying saucers that were marching forward to those ahead of us.

         So the only reason they did budget cuts on wars in foreign countries over the surface, was for another war of greater proportions. One between surface and hollow Earth.
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