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Part 1 of 3 for a suite I'm writing. Progressive rock, hence odd structure. Please review
Beyond the dark
We stand together, we reach out
And she stands there
Of course.
She is
And was
And thus we fade
And nothing is the same

A new world has come to me at last.
She shows me a world of maybes. And then
A world where I can see into my heart
And play to the sounds of my possibilities.
And then we go.
Beyond the stars, beyond the waves
Beyond the rivers of dreams
And so I see
Out into space
And through her eyes
And through her fears.
Why are we standing all alone?

Nothing is as nothing was.
We twirl around. As gods believe
The end is here.
Already passed beyond the (grave)
And then we move along (for them)
Too late to change; too late to save.
I stand.
She leaves.
The black cloud comes again.
Down and down
And down and down and down.
We sink
The sands
And slow down once again…

We stand together here
To celebrate the passing moment.
For it is not in tomorrow’s world, full of kingdoms of sand,
That we find our restoration.
The troubles of our past, all the suffering we have felt and caused.
All need to be dealt with in this present.
A gift of eternity, an end of it all.
But she’s still here.

And yet we feel alone.
Angry at this bitter pill, underappreciated in our worlds
And over appreciated in our own minds.
After all this trouble we have seen and created, how is there hope?
Our goddess of eternity taunts us from the shadows of our memories.
Even as she fades from this reality and back into hers.
Such is the way of all things…
Such is the way of all things…
Such is the way…
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