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The conservative populism.
      With all the scientific and historical information available, why
      does the moral majority believe in myths?
      I just do not understand Christian politics.
      If you want to be elected in the Republican Party you must
      embrace the Christian Right.

      History has taught us that dictatorships begin with blind fanatical
      patriotism. Consider the doctrine of Transubstatiation: the passing
      of our sins to Jesus.

      "Jesus died for our sins." an apologist said.

      "But, don't we have freewill? How does Jesus death change that?"
      I respond.

      An explanation is required. It is weak.

      "Jesus showed us that death is not the end, but the beginning."
      the apologist continues, "He wanted to show us how much God loves us."

      "Jesus wants us to commit suicide? And God will love us for it?"
      I respond.

      Imagine a President, who believes that we are in the ends times
      leading to the Apocalypse. Would he start a third world war?

      Christianity, whether we believe in it's doctrines or not is the guiding
      ideology in the United States. People vote on their beliefs.
      A culture where everyone wants to be martyred
      wouldn't last very long. But, Christians celebrate the death of their Savior
      every Easter. The Resurrection of Jesus is Christianity's proof He is God
      and all his teachings are absolutely true. What is the doctrine of
      Original Sin and the Virgin Birth? Do we know where babies come from?

      Generally, most Christians don't think about sin as hereditary.
      But, the Apostles who wrote the Gospels did. And Jesus could not be
      God and be born of Adam's bloodline, because Adam committed
      Original Sin and all his blood was cursed by God.
      This required the miracle of The Virgin Birth, but wasn't Mary of Adam's
      blood too? Not according to the Council of Trent:
      Mary the mother of Jesus was immaculately conceived ....
      But wasn't her mother of Adam's blood?!

      Not a problem for the Council of Trent; although Mary was born of
      her mother's womb, she was spared the accursed blood of Adam.
      She was conceived in Heaven before Adam was formed from the clay,
      then her Immaculate infant body was placed in her surrogate mother.
      Sounds like an U.F.O encounter.
      The alternative is to have a Savior
      born with Original Sin.+

      Perhaps, Jesus was not born of a virgin and his mother was not
      a U.F.O. baby, but he was conceived through the biological act of sex
      between two human parents. I'm not going to convince the true believers.
      But, I know it's true. Unfortunately, I'm not in the majority.

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