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Inspired by a musical I watched, this episode takes a look at one of Hanz' play sessions.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Pony! The Magic Opera

Hanz is coming in after a long day in town, he had just finished talking to Zekora, the magical zebra and one of the few ponies in town who he had become friends with over the months he had been staying here. Hanz then walks down into the basement to pass some time while Pinkie is out with her friends filming some strange cartoon show she is a part of. He presses the button to open up the way to their secret torture chamber, and then walks in, where he has a small green alicorn bound on the table.

"Some day, oh what a day!"
“My friend, I hope you enjoy your stay.”

"On you I will train, at my very leisure.
Each ounce of pain I make, I shall take as pleasure."

He tosses a scalpel at the alicorn and it sticks into the table firmly right next to his head, missing by an inch.

"You can’t run, you can’t hide, you can’t try to.
And even IF, then Hanz would find you!"

"You see, it all started out in a tiny, tiny town.
Yes, a tiny, tiny town."
"The day I made my first glue, oh yes, then I knew. Oh what fun to do!"

Hanz takes a bonesaw and makes a deep cut in the alicorns hoof, cutting into it in one motion, making the alicorn scream in pain

"Ohhh, yes the scream. That very scream! Do you think of me mean?"
"While it feels like you are already losing your life. I have yet to even begin with my knife."
Hanz teasingly licks the alicorns horn, knowing it gives the panicked male slight pleasure

"Oh doctor, please doctor! I want to go, I want you to know!" The Alicorn says
"You see old chap, I am quite a sport. I am quite a sport, many kinds of sort. While I use you like paint, I do not want you to faint."
"While alive you may be obnoxious, you are no fun unconscious!"

Hanz then picks up a gun-type syringe and a strange, blue substance in a vial.
"Zyklon T comes in a little glass vial, a little glass vial.
And the little glass vial goes into the gun like a battery!"
He then loads the vial into the gun easily, the alicorn watching in horror
"Then I aim the zyklon gun somewhere against your anatomy!"
He aims the gun against the alicorns forehead and pulls the trigger, it shooting the substance straight into his brain, him yelling in pain and almost blacking out

"Now that the gun has gone off, you’re ready for your surgery!, Ah, the surgery!"
As Hanz speaks, he picks up another scalpel and makes a deep cut into the alicorns left wing, hacking it clean off but the alicorn not feeling a thing despite the blood starting to gush out, thanks to the injection

"M-my captor, please my captor.  Please make it quick, I’m going to be sick!" Says the alicorn
Hanz grins evilly and shakes his head before stabbing the blade down into the alicorns horn, splitting it in half
"Now, now young child, this is going to get wild. You’re already strapped in the seat, now many blades you will meet."
"No please sir, I’m quite a rich stallion. If you let me live, I'll give you my medallion!"
Hanz glares and picks up a large metal spike
"Now let’s make this clear, let there not be a doubt. Your wealth is not near, nor is it what this is about."
"No, sir, what is that spike for?! Please tell me my words I will not die for!"

He takes the spike and quickly jams it into the alicorns rear, making him scream in pain despite the injection "Just as this caused pain, I know it caused pleasure. Your cries also do, in amounts I cannot measure."

Hanz then steps back to admire his plaything: one-winged, split horn, and bleeding profusely from nearly every hole in his body. He then looks on the wall at the clock, and sees he must be finishing soon.

"Oh tick-tock, just look at the clock! It would appear I don’t have time to use you as a sock. Fret not now, you shall get your wish. You shall die now quickly, the way of a fish."

Hanz picks up his largest knife, cutting down the alicorns chest, then getting a pair of clippers to open his ribcage.  He then uses his magic to make the alicorns lungs stop, which makes him quickly suffocate.

"What a shame, there is no doubt. But this time, Celestia had paid me. This would make her foes Rout. She has given me a royal pardon, no recourse. In return, I do my job well, a Tour-De-Force."

Hanz then washed up and put on a clean vest, then headed back upstairs to man the counter at Sugarcube corner, the majority of Ponyville  none the wiser about what him and his partner enjoyed doing in their spare time. But even if it got out, Celestia could not punish him because he has diplomatic immunity. So the two had no fear.
Later that day, Pinkie returned and after the shop closed, he took her down to show off his work on the alicorn, which she snickered and smiled “Heehee, your getting better at this, Hanzy. And I like what you did with the spike, even I didn’t think of that when I started playing with my friends”
Hanz blushed a little and smiled, giving his lover a hug for her compliments, and receiving a kiss in return, then she looked at the strange syringe he left on the table.
“Whats this for?”
“Ah, that is my newest invention: Zyklon T. It keeps the patient awake by blocking their pain.  Sadly, they don’t scream as much after you inject them, and when they do, it’s just from the shock of what I’m doing to them. I like it though, because my playtime's are more theatrical than yours, sweety.”

Hanz takes the syringe and sticks it into where he originally injected the alicorn, and draws the substance back into the vial for next time “It’s reusable too, which is nice.”
Pinkie smirked “Does it block all feeling, or just pain?”
He replied: “Oh, just pain.  It was quite hard to make a substance that purely blocked pain though; as a side effect, it enhances the other senses too.”
She then took the syringe from Hanz and smiled “Then I think it’s time we have a play session, just you and I” She then shot Hanz in the forehead with it and he fell onto his back, she then dragged him and some of her tools into their bedroom, where they had a nice, long S&M session together…… but that is another story for another time.

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