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Do not read this if you are easily persuaded.

          Trust me nothing is as it appears, except for pain and pleasure.
    Most people like pleasure and do not enjoy pain. However, there are
    those masochists, who enjoy suffering. The human factor is always
    erratic. Our bodies are in a constant state of decay and rebirth.
    In this process we are reborn with the regeneration of new cells.
    Every cell is eaten by a new one and a new person is born with each of
    the regenerations. But, does our identity change? Is the soul primal
    or evolving? We have memories to bring continuity to our lives.
    Are these memories of our past, who we are or just ghosts?
    Think about all those cells at war with each other in your body.
    If we are the sum of our parts,
    then cannibalism could be our basic instinct .
    The ultimate question is; am I more than
    the sum of my parts? I hope so or we are truly puppets to our DNA.
    There are still scientist, who believe in eugenics and predetermined
    personalities. Theoretically, a genus could be genetically
    engineered and defective personalities could be removed.
    All of which will create an identity crisis in these clones.

    Just my two cents.

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