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by Jai
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This states how women became more important than men in raising children
This assignment is allocated from College of Islamic Studies, under foundation course semester 1 as well as conducted by language department. Also, this is an academic essay given under the subject “English”, as this includes 20 percent of the class tests. To conclude, this is an assignment based on a debated topic known as “Are women better parents than men?”  Before we go deep into this intense topic, I will highlight that this assignment is based on worldwide researches and best resources of all kinds. In this piece of writing, I will specify you about how women can be better parents than men as, orphans grow to adults according to the tradition and culture that their guardians tutor them. In societies of today, especially like the ones we see in our day to day life, the average of innocent children growing as gangsters are more in variety than the ones who are decent. As an outcome, the dark clouds of gangsters became higher than the amount of normal citizens as announcements are being made directly from the Mayors such as the Mayor in Chicago himself, where he has warned them saying “Stay away from our kids” (Yahoo News).

Simultaneously before setting up our minds, we better turn our heads to the beginning of such tragic moments we come across everlastingly; which commonly are parents. Usually in most of the countries, women of this generation call out for their own human rights as going for work to earn and survive, forgetting the main element of their lives; son or daughter, they let their men raise their children instead. In worldwide facts, they have found out that women’s thinking and patience are more than men in empathy cases, as men have natural talents in practical fields as they set their goals in mathematical minds. Due to these kinds of factual and visible reasons, I truly believe that women are better parents than men.

First of all, let’s focus on how the psychology of children themselves which will relate to how and why parenting in a certain way is essential. As mentioned in (Cherry, 2012) mostly, the actual reason behind all the negative effect to the troubled child comes from the specific actions of parents as their behaviour gets more difficult to handle. As some of them got raised in dramatically different environment, results them to grow up to have different personality than one another. This became the main reason according to the writer that the developmental psychologists have been interested in the broad topic on how parents impact child development. 

Then comes with women and men differ from each other as it alters the behavior of youngsters. Unlike the elder days, in our new born believes the equitability is parallel between men and women in taking care of children plays an important role in our daily life, although women have a greater part in bringing up their children unlike any other kinds, such as the natural instincts of motherhood and the familiarity where they get to spend more time with their children. Moreover, they need to get accustomed to cooking and taking care of children much more than men as they are being taught to become hard-working mother, not successful business women. (gunba, 2012)

In basics since olden days, daughters are being always taught by their mothers to be elegant, balanced, becoming familiar with domestic works and manners in treating visitors while being proper. Unlike that, fathers’ teach their sons, to become one of the ambitious people of their family to get the lead responsibility like being in charge of the whole house, so as becoming businessmen, doctors, officers, fishermen, carpenters and many more to go.

Due to these kinds of reasons, when women are not good in domestic duties like mentioned before, they get phenomenal amounts of pressure to stand them, as they need to get aware with household tasks such as cooking and many more to become a good parent. Opposing that, if men get in charge of household tasks to be completed, they will positively go buy ridiculous items regardless to what is necessary which their thinking will not be much useful due to their indisposition. Hence, they are dwarfed by women in this role of parenting. For your reference, it is well stated by the researches at Iowa State University whom studied the relationship of 72 couples and found and said that, “Women, having stronger opinions regarding their home and family, tend to control household matters (housework, family times, family schedules, etc.). And husbands were the happiest if they did not disagree with these decisions regarding household matters. Husbands who had opinions about these issues were more likely to be involved in spousal arguments.” (Atallah, 2009)

Besides, as mentioned in (Whitney Hopler, 2008), the function of male brain works in a more organized pattern as they have the high ability to sorting out items, controlling emotions, schemed orientations, to “zone out” as being able to act first while thinking later when dealing with stress, an aggressive response to risk as well as affinity to compete with other males. Involving, their lower abilities include, multitasking and balanced orientations. Unlike that, female brain have a highly compassionate, multitasking, a cautious response to risk and a tendency to cooperate with other females, concerning as they are low in compartmentalizing, controlling emotions, project orientations,  and “zone out”.

Following, when we focus on their nature, women’s gentility are more open-minded than men due to their early days of pregnancy where a spiritual connection will be formed since day one like, hearing the mother’s heartbeat to the unborn child as mentioned in (Snelson, 2006). When children don’t have the affinity to listen and confess their personal problems to them without being worried and hesitant, mostly fathers would be far apart working, and their less tolerance in dealing with kids makes it more difficult for them to open their heart to fathers than to mothers. As a result, women are known to be not only best mothers, but better friends as well as their best psychologists. 

Encompassing, as women’s solitary duty is to raise their children from the first time they come to know the heartbeat of their unborn child, they get to have more chances to contact with their kids, which are profoundly fixed in societies for many years. Dissimilarly, men’s sole responsibility is dealing with the financial remunerations and supporting the family which makes them get less chance to contact and spend more time with their children than mothers. Also, women spend more time in raising children physically and emotionally from sunrise to sunset as they get no break until they go to bed and sleep.

To Finalize, as children are troubled mostly due to precise actions of parents which results by having difficulties in raising the child, as men’s brain work in more straight and organized path and women’s brain work from one ratio to another in some cases, as men lack certain domestic skills in their nature as well as women getting more time to connect emotionally with the child before the unborn toddler comes out to this world, I strongly believe that women are destined as better parents than men.

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