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by Happke
Rated: E · Monologue · Inspirational · #1896461
A monologue I've written for Rosa Parks.
It was another usual day at work [Looks at the audience and lets a faint smile] or at least I thought it was. [Pause] Everyday I’ve been working hard and, tell you one thing [pointing finger at the audience], I was not going to give up until we had the same rights as white people had. And that is the time when we will not have to get up our ass for a white person to sit theirs! [Cough, Pause] To keep my promise, [Sits down on the chair slowly and talks slowly] that day I did not move an inch after I sat down in the bus. [Nods, pause] The seat was mine for the rest of the journey, because I won’t get up, No not no more, I've said to her. [Pause]and then I added I’m gonna stay and rest my feet [Points finger at herself proudly] because I deserve to! I have a right to sit as anyone else does. [Kisses her teeth] Why do I need to go through different doors, go to different toilets, different public spaces [Sigh] and finally sit after the whites, as if I’m worse!? [Looks into audience] Would you want to be treated like that? [Looks at another point of the audience] Would YOU want to be treated like that? [Walks up closer to the stage] Hmm? [Pause] After a hard day at work, you get this lady which thinks she deserves the seat more than you which is not true, now what do you say? [Mimes letting a person sit down] Yes of course my lady, you definitely should sit there because that bag your caring must be very heavy. [Shakes her finger left and right] No, you don't. [Shakes her head] No [Pause] not no more.
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