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What is a good reason for fights?

            The God of the Old Testament approves of it(Exod.17:11;
      Num. 21:3; Deut. 7:1; Jud. 1-4, 1 Kings 15:2) and God commands
      war in Jud. 4:6-7 and works miracles to ensure victory in Gen. 14:19;
      Jos. 10:11-14; Jud. 4:15; 2 Mach. 10:29.

            The God of armies ( Isas; Osee 13:5; Amos 5:14) often sends
      war as a chastisement for men's sin (Lev. 26:24; Duet. 28:40; Jos. 17:13;
      Jer. 5:14).

      The Sermon on the Mount~

            Condemns personal vengeance. Just as Jesus rebuked the Apostle
      Peter for cutting off the Roman Soldier's ear at the Mount of Olives.
      Jesus said he could call down legions of Angels if he wished.+
      Jesus praised a Centurion for his faith in Mathew 5:39
      and never approved of an armed revolt against Rome.


            Mohammed in the 17th century took from Christianity and Judaism
      the dogmatic doctrines of salvation through faith and the just war through
      "Holy War."  Muslims are required to make pilgrimages and give tithes and
      pray to mecca three times a day. They pray for the conversion of all people
      to Islam. The Holy War is justified by Mohammed's commandment to
      fight the infidels: ungodly non-Muslims.

      The Roman Catholic Church~

      Pope Benedict XV declared in 1917 that a nation has a right to defend itself.
      "The greatest obstacle today to peace lies in exaggerated nationalism
      by the false jingoism that wars are inevitable.. To prevent the spread of evil
      good men must fight just wars."


      Everyone seems to be in agreement that the next war will utterly destroy
      civilization morally and materially. But, there are those who would substitute
      morality for annihilation. How do you reason with such fanatics?




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