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by RB
Rated: 13+ · Other · Death · #1896770
I reflect on my wasted life.
The sun has risen.
This I can see.
I smell the warmth.
The moistness of the early dew.
All is right in my solitary world.
Then the memory of what I have done comes back hauntingly.
I take the time to ponder on my plight.
My world is small.
I walk it in three steps.
My possessions are few.
No need for possessions in my predicament.
I stare outward and remember......
The freedom of the vastness of the world.
I had it all......
Money, love, earthly possessions and yes, freedom......
As I sit in my cell, awaiting the hangman, I remember.
I stare blankly out of the tiny window.
I see nothing.
I hear nothing.
Only in my mind do I have animation.
I disgraced the very essence of life.
A jolt brings me once again to the world of men.
Dressed all in black.
This man, this presence, is the end-er of lives.
My life......
He jesters me violently towards the door of my cell.
The morning now sours.
Gone is the feeling of placidity.
The walk to the gallows is short......
Too short!
The rope is tight, I rasp for breath!
Once again all is right in my solitary world......
Fiery breath suddenly touches my neck!
A whisper, one of doom, reaches my blistering ears.
In life you failed, in death shall you excel!!!!!!!!
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