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She avenges .
An unearthly lull has descended on her------------it is engulfing the environment gradually........bit by bit. Even the fiercest creatures lurking in the dense green sense it and stand motionless waiting with angst for the unprecedented to happen. Aurora Borealis , in a split of a second,loses its magical hue and colored bands and arcs and patches stop their 'dance of spirit' and turns dismal grey. A mysterious green fog, like a disciplined army marches towards the equator.The most blessed creation of Lord realizes how puny and diminutive they actually are! The thunderous roar of the seven seas turn mute------not a single water-drop dares to dance with unbounded pleasure. The azure canopy turns pitch dark.

She, the ever tolerant, the ever servile rebels at last.......She is out to annihilate........She herself would go into a deep slumber for eras,as soon as the process is complete........Still She surrenders all her treasures to Rudra, the Lord of devastation. Mother Earth has been anesthetized and undergoing hysterectomy. From now on She would be barren forever. Doomsday it is.
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