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I don't have good memories about it.

    My mother died on Halloween.
    And we still had the neighbors kids asking for candy.
    Isn't that rude?

    It is a Druid festival of death.
    And if you think about all the tricks that happen that fall night,
    it seems like a mugging.

    Mostly costumed teenagers, like to vandalize and burn trash cans.
    That's why tricker-treaters were banned from wearing masks in Boston.
    There were rioting roaming costumed thugs in Boston on Halloween.

    Didn't the tea party revolutionaries disguise themselves as Indians?
    The Boston Tea Party was a Halloween prank.
    How did dumping all that good tea help?

    When I went Trick&Treating it was very peaceful.
    I grew up in a suburb of Boston: Cambridge.
    The worst thing that happened was a fire set in a pile of leaves.

    But, the risk of thuggery is always there.
    "Trick or Treat" can mean a mugging:
    "Give me candy or I will set fire to your trash."

    And the holiday reminds me of my mother's death.
    And how rude the neighborhood kids were when I didn't give them candy.
    They sprayed me with Silly String.

    I just don't like it.
    Is that okay?
    Do we all have to participate in the Druid death festival?

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