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Witch Sisters and their choicces
“Pixie, where are you? Come out, Pixie. Please dear, you’re scaring me.”  Samantha had been looking for her little chiwawa all afternoon and she was becoming very concerned.  Pixie had disappeared before, but never  this long.

         At long last, Samantha sat on the edge of the sofa, and started to cry.  Pixie was her best and only friend.  She couldn’t bear to think that she might have lost her.  After a very long time, she blew out a breath and decided that she had no choice but to call her sister.  She picked up the phone on the coffee table and pushed her sister’s number.

         “Janice?  Hi, this is Sam.”  Samantha started to cry harder.  “I’m afraid that I need your help.  Pixie is gone and I have looked everywhere.”  Samantha paused while Janice spoke.

          “I have looked everywhere.  Please, I wouldn’t ask you if it wasn’t important. “

         Janice arrived about twenty minutes later, dressed in a dazzling red gown.  She walked slowly through the apartment, hands out in front of her, head raised, eyes moving back and forth.  When Samantha started to ask her a question, Janice shot her right arm up to stop her.  “Quiet, Samantha.  I need total quiet if I am to find Pixie.”  Samantha shook her head, but stepped back, dutifully.

         Finally, Janice turned, walked out onto the small balcony and looked down.  “We have to check the bushes.”  Samantha cried out, “Why?”  Janice ignored her and walked out of the apartment toward the elevator.  Samantha followed.

         When they got to the shrubbery under the balcony, Janice knelt, parted the bushes and stared intently into the darkness.  “I’m afraid I found Pixie.”

         Samantha collapsed onto the grass and started to cry again.  Janice pulled Pixie out from between the bushes and laid her carefully on the grass.  She put her hands on the little dog’s head and closed her eyes.  “Porcus paxta maximus moot.  Haddle paddle pixitus toot.” 

         The tiny chiwawa slowly opened her eyes and looked around.  As soon as she sighted her master, she started yelping.  Samantha reached down and pulled Pixie up to her chest.  “You scared me nearly to death, you bad little girl.” 

         Janice stood up, wiped her gown and walked toward Samantha.  “Get up Sam, it’s cold on the ground.  You should have been able to locate Pixie and bring her back all by yourself, but you stubbornly refuse to acknowledge your heritage and your powers.  I have to get to the ceremony.  I’m getting an award for simplifying the reanimation spell.  The improved spell will become part of the curriculum at Haven Witch Academy.”  She started to walk down the path to her car.

          “Goodbye Sam.  It is my fervent wish that you come to your senses about this.  We need you.”  Samantha watched Janice walking away.  She knew that she should congratulate her sister, but she had decided many years ago to live as a mortal in the mortal world.  Someday, her sister would understand.

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