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Phoenix spends hours on his thesis, only to begin doodling and come up with some answers!
Phoenix had felt like he was just treading water for the last few weeks on his thesis.  He had felt good about it when he had begun his literature review, but after he began reading some of the articles, he lost his enthusiasm because he did not know where to go from there.  Two major tests came up and took even more away from his already dwindling confidence in his ability to do a thesis.  Phoenix did not know what to do.  The supervisory meetings helped, but the brainstorming was not enough to get him anywhere on his research question or his hypotheses.  All he had was a humongous topic and no way to narrow it down.  He had made a list of factors from his reading on the subject and narrowed the list down to a few factors during the last supervisory meeting.  That was minor progress, but Phoenix wanted more.  He wanted real progress, not compensatory down time to use as an excuse.

It was Wednesday night.  Phoenix had been at it for literally hours, three to be exact.  He began doodling in his thesis notebook and, suddenly, something began to take shape.  Phoenix continued to draw and the ideas came.  The flow was amazing.  He went from the funnel idea of narrowing down the factors to a research question to two bona fide hypotheses that could be tested.  He was dumbfounded that his visual component of learning had worked so well in this situation.  Why did he not start drawing sooner?  He had not thought of his thesis as an art project, but it was quickly becoming one.  He was afraid to be excited, though.  What if he was way off track?  He would hold off on pure joy until he checked with his supervisor the next morning.  Phoenix did allow himself to feel good about it, anyway.  It was a start of some kind.  A jumpstart.

When he checked with his supervisor in the morning, she said that she thought it was definitely something they could work with and that Phoenix was on the right track and could begin writing his introduction for his thesis.  Yes!  Progress!  Phoenix was so happy.  He and his supervisor discussed a bit more before Phoenix left her office and practically skipped down the hallway.  The excitement was real and it was warranted.  Progress!  Why did this feel so good?  Phoenix wondered, but not too much.  He just enjoyed the good feelings as much as he could while they lasted.  The introduction was going to be something else...
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