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Andy seeks marital therapy...
Written for the Daily Flash Fiction Challenge with a word limit of 300.

The prompts: This story must contain the words: Machine, Visit and Coat

Digital Wench

“And how does that make you feel?”

Andy looked at the auto-psych perched on the chair next to the couch. It was hard to believe that decades of therapeutic research had resulted in this – a robot that was little more than a box with flashing lights and a lab coat.

“Is that the best you can do?” Andy asked.

“We can talk about your mother and bed wetting if you like,” said Freud Model 3000 as it pretended to take notes furiously.

“I’d much rather talk about what to do with my control-freak of a wife,” said Andy as he checked his watch. This visit was costing him a fortune.

“Okay, all about your wife then,” conceded the machine, “Perhaps you can tell me a bit about her. I bet she is very attractive.”

“Yes, she is,” said Andy.

“And the sex is breathtakingly good?” suggested the auto-psych, continuing with its Note-Taking-Simulation loop.

“I should hope so. I upgraded for just that feature,” said Andy.

After staring into space for a moment, pseudo-Freud added, “She is probably a great cook . . . I’m just saying.”

“She does make a mean meatloaf . . .,”Andy said smiling as his imagination left the room for a moment. That’s when the flashing “wireless” light on the robot’s chest caught Andy’s eye.

“Ignore that light and there is certainly no one out in the parking lot,” said pseudo-Freud. Its robo-eyes began flashing back and forth as if it suddenly wanted to be somewhere else.

“Hey, are you downloading something? What data-feed are you tapping into?”

“I have no idea what . . .”

Andy ran outside to find his wife, Ellenor-4500 brushing her wireless antenna back into her hair.

“I’ll miss your casserole most of all,” he said reaching for her on/off switch.

Word Count 300

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