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                                                                    INTO THE BONE YARD

It was the spring of 1989 and the high school doldrums set in. Billy Stevens had done enough homework to make it to the next grade. Still he wondered if all his horseplay would spell disaster. But then there was Tracy. Short and stacked, this little powerhouse of energy kept his head whirling almost constantly that whole year until the spring. She was so pretty that every guy wanted her. But it was skinny Billy, the new kid that won her attention. Sure the jocks made their play at her and the good looking guys followed after her. Billy though, just stood silent and somehow she was attracted to those innocent, but deadly eyes that would watch her every move when she walked by.

Billy came from an intercity school; every bit of 160 pounds dripping wet, wiry and very funny. His long blonde hair made him stand out. In fact he was the first kid in that school to have long hair. Perhaps he was more mature than the others or just more streetwise. Nonetheless, he had a knack for currying the favor of the girls with his charm. Tracy was no exception, except that she seemed to have hold of Billy's reins, which bothered him. To Billy, she became like a drug habit. Although he had been caught completely off guard with her attention, he was determined to take back control. Tracy however would have none of that!

In class it was clear to others that Tracy was now his project. No one dared cross that barrier. Many friends gave him a limited chance for success. However Carl, his best friend, knew better and stood firm, having foreknowledge of Billy's ability to win a girl's heart. In fact Carl was his main source of inspiration, because on more than one occasion, Billy would be called on to start a conversation with the girls. Carl knew that if anyone could get the girls, it was Billy.

Finally Billy asked her for a date and Tracy sheepishly acknowledged that yes they could go out, but added with a smirk, that she would choose where they would go. Of course he didn't care where they went, as long as they could be alone. It did not matter; he was game for anything.

When she stopped by that Saturday night to pick him up, she startled him when she announced where she wanted to go.

"We’re going to the Bone yard!” She said with a glint in her eyes and that killer smile.

"What the hell is the Bone yard?" Billy shot back with a matching smile.

"The graveyard silly: you never heard it called that?" She was making fun of Billy intentionally so as to not give up the control she had over him. "That's what we call it from where I am from."

"Well you're here now and not back in Maine, sweetheart. I really hate to tell you that. So talk normal!" With that, Billy let out a laugh that made Tracy mad.

"Come on! Get in the car." Tracy jumped in, fired the engine, and then raced it enough to drown his laughter out.

The car swung the corner and Tracy raced down the lane and out onto the main highway as Billy held on, continuing his laughter. God forbid he let her see how scared he was about her erratic driving, let alone her odd behavior. Billy thought to himself that although she was very attractive and fascinating; now there was something that seemed strange.

It was perhaps a half an hour out of town and Billy was not quite sure exactly where he was or where they were going. All he knew was she looked great. His attention took off in another direction. The short skirt she was wearing, had ridden up a bit with the constant tromping down hard on the gas pedal. Her legs looked incredible he thought, as she swung off the main road down onto a smaller, hidden, dirt road. She at once, slowed the car to a crawl, as if searching for something. Before Billy could ask where they were, the lights on Tracy's car illuminated the destination she planned. A small iron gate came into the light, leading into a walled area. Billy could not see over the wall but surmised it was her Bone yard.

"Is this the Bone yaaaard?" Billy spoke with an exaggerated accent. The old church gate led into a graveyard in back of the run down church.

In turn Tracy, now at the destination, turned and just smiled again. This time there was a look to her that seemed very different. It was a smile that was not quite a smile. Her eyes seemed to peer through Billy as chills ran down his back. He no longer saw amusement in their date, but in a shallow guise to hide his feelings, he grabbed Tracy by the hand and pulled her out of the car and ran toward the gate.

As they stepped through the old church gate, a rundown church with a graveyard in back appeared. The misty air, cooled upon their skin as she glanced around looking for something. This dark place was not where they should be, at least not for a date, he thought. But being a guy, there was no way he would let anyone see his emotions, let alone a girl he was trying to conquer. Billy turned, paused a second, then drew Tracy close to him. His eyes poised for a split second to announce that he was going to kiss her. As he drifted in, his eyes closed at the moment his lips would meet her's. Tracy tore loose and in an instant, disappeared into the cool black night.

"Wait, what’s wrong?" He bellowed. But all he heard was a faint laugh and an invitation.

"Come and find me if you want me," she cried out. But Billy could not put a direction on her voice. It seemed to be near yet far, then to the left or the right. He was not to be deterred though, as his testosterone filled brain led him haphazardly farther into the Bone yard. He was not to be out done by a girl.

For about twenty minutes or so he followed the voice, leading and teasing him around the old headstones. The place was old for sure he thought, as he danced back and forth in her cat and mouse game. All along, his hopes were growing, as his fantasies got the best of him. The gray, misty emptiness vanished as blood coursed through his veins. He could hear her voice getting louder now. He was close.

The mist subsided and the moon peeked through the night cloud cover as Billy spotted Tracy sitting on top of a large stone tomb; the lid partially slid to the side. With her in sight and sure she could see him; he let out a sigh with a slight laugh. His hands slapped his jeans and he bent forward to catch his breath. When his glance returned, she was not in sight, but strangely, the cover to the tomb seemed open even further. Gradually, he made his way over until he had just about reached a point where he could peer down in. Suddenly, Tracy popped her head up and yelled. Billy vaulted back, as Tracy's laughter could be heard echoing through the forest surrounding the Bone yard and valley.

"You're real funny girl." Billy regained his composure and drew near, as she again taunted him.

"Scared you didn't it?" She had that strange look again, as Billy lined up in front of her.

"Not at all Tracy; now where was my kiss that you owe me? I found you now." Billy eased to the side of the tomb, leaned in and puckered up again as if to say he was ready. But Tracy laughed and slid down and back as she extended a hand for Billy.

“Not so fast. You have to come in here to get what you want!" She took his hand and tugged it softly with a coy smile. It was an inviting smile he thought.

"You're not chicken are you little boy?" She said as her voice drifted off .That seductiveness was just what Billy wanted to hear.With one hand he climbed over and lowered himself down onto her. His heart raced now. He was in control. Finally she was his and in an instance, Billy was in Heaven as his lips felt her soft mouth. The excitement grew as he wildly kissed her neck and her, his. Billy wanted this night to last forever. It didn't matter now where he was. He was where he wanted to be; in her arms embraced and passionately making love. He had conquered her just as he had always done!

Billy felt a tightness and warm wetness on his neck, as she surrounded his neck. Then caressing him with her arms, her body began writhing uncontrollably. They were in wild abandonment now. Just as Billy paused and drew a hand across his neck; a crack of lightning announced a storm was near. He looked up to catch a glimpse, and then returned to her embrace. But something seemed odd now. Her body felt cool almost. Even cold he thought. Still he ventured his lips on hers again as that same warm, wet feeling ran down the side of his neck. Placing his hand on it, he returned it to his eyes just as another crack of lightning illuminated the whole area. Suddenly, Billy caught a glimpse of what he was touching. Warm, wet blood, had been running slowly down his neck.

"What the hell is this?" Billy pulled back a bit as he tried again to get a better look.

Just as Tracy softly asked, 'what is wrong?', another bolt of lightning jarred Billy's attention from his hand to her .face. The lightning prolonged enough for him to see the crimson outline of her lips; her eyes knowingly searching up toward his.

"What is going on? What are you doing Tracy?" Billy tried to pull away, but as if some unseen force held him to her embrace, he fought back only halfheartedly then returned closer waiting for another flash to confirm what he had just seen. Before he could though, she softly spoke again.

“You wanted me so much didn't you Billy? Thought you could control me like all the other girls huh? Come on Billy, tell me." Her voice now oddly seemed to take on a different pitch.

“Come on, let's go Tracy. It's about to pour on us. We still have to find the way back to the car." Billy clutched his neck and with the other hand tried to slowly pull himself up. This time with more effort, he struggled. Then with both hands he shoved at the side to raise himself up, but finally fell back down where Tracy lay.

Suddenly there was another flash. Billy looked down where Tracy had been and saw a body of bones. Billy let out a yell as he heard Tracy's laughter once again off in the distance. Billy turned as he cried out.

"Tracy, where are you? Help me out of here." As he once again struggled, her outline appeared at the side of the tomb.

"Thank you for the nice date Billy. You're such a stud; and by the way, have a nice life." Billy looked up in time to catch her face in a fresh bolt of lightning. Again he saw the telltale blood upon her lips. However, before he could say a word, she spoke.

"Welcome to the Bone yaaard, Billy." She laughed as she disappeared into the night.The lid slammed down tight trapping Billy inside.

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