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Phoenix finds himself in a position to catch up on his schoolwork...
Phoenix had been working hard on his thesis since he had the breakthrough a few days before leading him to his research question and hypotheses.  It did not seem like work, either.  It was exciting.  He was looking up more literature to incorporate into the beginnings of an introduction to his thesis.  His introduction was not very long for have worked on it and the rest of the process for almost 11 hours, but it was progress, and the progress felt good.  Phoenix now had a direction to go in for his thesis.  He was no longer just treading water on it.  He actually wanted to work on it.

Phoenix had also had time to play his guitar and read his Spanish Bible some.  It felt refreshing to be able to relax a little bit.  He was behind on reading his articles for social psychology class, still had to read and update his drug index from the sixth chapter of neuropharmacology, and needed to read the child psychopathology material for the next class, but he had plenty of time to do all that and more.  He had to be careful about the "more" part, though, because Phoenix had a tendency to overwork himself.  He was, however, sitting in excellent shape for his thesis supervisory meeting on Monday.  It was only Saturday.  Phoenix was enjoying this break from classes.

Phoenix had not received his neuropharm test from the week before back yet, but that was okay.  He was not too worried about it because, judging from the comments of the rest of his classmates, he did just as well as they did, and not everyone could fail.  He was slightly upset with a few of the mistakes he knew he made, such as studying the wrong things and not finding one of the easiest answers on the test, but those were minor things.  Phoenix was having a good day so far.  He and his friend had bought the neuropharm professor a box of red pens and put it in a gift bag with stickers on it saying, "Please use sparingly."  He had appreciated the humor.  The neuropharm test was over.  Phoenix needed to worry about the next one in a week and a half.

Phoenix sat at the coffee shop writing and studying for other subjects.  His plan was to study for a while, then go out to visit his parents, whom he had not had a chance to visit the week before.  His dad was disappointed that he did not get to see him the week before, but Phoenix had just been too busy with everything.  It would be a good day, as far as Phoenix could tell.  He did not anticipate that anything was going to go horribly wrong.  He was actually somewhat relaxed, which was an odd feeling for him.  He was so used to being rapped up with his mind racing.  It felt like something was wrong, this calmness...
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