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A great disaster washes over the land.
         There is the story of a great Fear which covered the land. Terror struck in men’s hearts when they stared into the eyes of the beast. Forests were inflamed and waters, parched.  The very land itself shook when the mighty Fear walked its purposeful march.
         The world would’ve perished, if not for the soul of one brave little girl. This girl, with a compassion which knew no bounds, walked with a steady gait toward the Fear.  Fire burned her feet, the wind forced her back, but still, she went on, undeterred.
         No matter what methods the Fear used against this great soul, she did not falter. In time, the girl grew stronger, and the Fear, weaker. When the Fear had grown so weak that it could no longer summon the energy to lift its head, the girl moved in for the final blow.
         But the girl, whose soul was a light, gleaming with love, felt only remorse for the Fear. Instead of finishing off the beast, she embraced it. For only she could see what truly made the Fear. Jealousy, hate, fear, lust, envy, despair. And under all that, the girl saw the truth. Humans had made this monster, this Fear, and it had suffered.
         The girl, stricken by sadness and disgust at what her own kind had made, shined so bright, that she became a star and ascended into the heavens. She vowed never again to allow such depravity of the hearts of man. She became a guiding light for those who grieved.
         You can still see the girl today, shining in all her glory. Just look to the heavens and there you will see her. The brave little girl, with a compassion which knew no bounds and a heart filled with love for her people, lives on as a light for the world.
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