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by Taree
Rated: E · Assignment · Horror/Scary · #1897999
I do not want to be left alone at home since then.
Being left alone at home in the middle of a scary night is the last thing I want to go through. There was this one night when I was left at home alone, because my parents were out of town for business and my older brother had to stay late at his campus, and it was Friday night on December 13th. My parents called every two hours just to make sure I was okay. Although it was very annoying, I took the advantage that I would not feel alone since I had someone to talk to. However, something wrong happened within the next few hours, because it was already 9.30 pm and my parents had not called me and my brother was not home yet. I sat uncomfortably on the couch in the living room when a black out happened. The entire house was dark and cold and I did not know what to do since I was all alone, so I freaked out and ran to the stairs. Unfortunately, I tripped over nothing and my head hit something hard, it was the edge of the coffee table, I thought. I screamed in pain and shock when I felt something cold touched the back of my neck. It felt like someone’s hand trying to lift me up by grabbing my neck. I froze at the moment I realized it was a hand, a human’s hand but it was cold, as cold as ice. I did not have the will to move even an inch until I was sure that cold hand was gone for good. After that, I dashed to my room upstairs and closed the door with a loud bang. I wrapped myself with my bed cover and stayed very still. I grabbed my cell phone on the night stand beside my bed and called my brother asking him to go home as soon as possible. My body was shivering as if I was in a freezer. I did not even go downstairs to open the door for my brother and I was glad since he had his own keys. It was around 12.00 am when I heard the front door opened and I heard steps on the floor near my room and I screamed as loud as I could when someone opened my bedroom door. Luckily, it was my brother, who ran to me and held my hands, trying to stop me from screaming louder. I do not want to be left alone at home since then.     
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