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by Amay
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Points of light within a dream

         The full moon lit the room. Angel only craved one thing while she prepared for bed after her long day of bitter turmoil. She craved a serene, dreamless night of rest. It seemed like her wish might come true as she relaxed into a peaceful slumber.

         The moonlight shone brightly on her face disturbing her sleep. Angel awakened confused, she couldn't figure out how it could be so bright in the dead of the night. She sat up, gradually becoming more aware of her surroundings as the cobwebs slowly cleared from her sleepy mind. Shaking her head, she realized she’d forgotten to close the curtains and left the French doors standing wide open. The sheers silently fluttered as the fog from the lake blew in along the floor.

         Gingerly Angel crossed the cold floor. She stared out looking toward the lake; captivated by the beauty of what looked like hundreds of fireflies sparkling over the yard.

         She watched in wonder as the dots twinkled continuously, fascinated by the little points of light. A soft halo, created by the fog, surrounded each glowing orb. An exquisite sight unfolded before her.

         The moonlight illuminated the rolling fog over the lake, the heavenly stars twinkled above in the clear cloudless sky, and the points of light floating all over the yard created a beautiful masterpiece in the silence of such a peaceful night.

         Angel stood by the banister of the deck, keenly observing, noting how the lights seemed to have different colors, but they also moved slowly to one point and then back out. Her curiosity grew and she started down the stairs. The grass was cold and wet on her bare feet. She started to go back inside. She felt a tap on her shoulder. Knowing no one was there, she wondered if one of the lights had just tapped her? Startled and confused Angel turned to face the small orb. It floated right in front of her heart. It started to glide toward the lake. She instantly felt the light’s pull on her heart and was compelled to follow.

         She followed her light, not with apprehension, but with the peace she’d felt earlier when she first noticed the lights. Her light slowed and then finally stopped, it remained floating right in front of her heart. It remained there as she turned to look at the rest of the yard. Where Angel stood, the fog seemed to be retreating. She watched, amazed as it backed away and formed a perfect circle around her. Within her circle everything was clearly visible, but the fog created a wall that protectively surrounded her.

         She wondered what the light was. She tried to scoop it up in her hand to bring it closer to her face so that she could examine it more carefully. The light wouldn't budge. Her hand passed right through it. Angel tried to squat down to get the light at her face level. The light simply moved to where ever her heart center was. She finally resigned herself that she wasn't going to get a better look at her light and decided to let go of that curiosity.

         The instant she relinquished control, the light began pulsing. It pulsed with each beat of her heart. The points of light outside the circle of fog moved toward her. A light would come into the clearing; gently touch her light, leaving a piece of its own light with hers.

         Visions of memories flickered into her mind. Angel saw glimpses of the past, people she’d loved, bits and pieces of her childhood flashed before her. People that touched her young life, those that molded her character, family and friends that started the moral tapestry of her life were all there. She felt a rush of joy in the memories that were being presented to her.

         Then the lights subsided a bit. The lights that shared so much moved away from her inner circle. It saddened Angel to watch them leave. She cried as she remembered all the people that had left this mortal realm. These beloved ones, that had made such an impact on her life.

         Once again Angel became aware of her own light. It changed from when it attached itself to her. It was brighter, richer and even more beautiful because of all of the other lights that had shared themselves with her. She watched it glow and radiate the colors of the rainbow as it pulsed gloriously in the darkest hours of night.

         Mesmerized, she watched as her heart light floated in front of her. She realized that it was moving away from her. Perplexed, Angel rushed to catch up with her pulsing light. She witnessed her light touching other lights. Once again, bits of memories of lives that she had touched with her words or deeds flashed in her memory. She watched as her light touched and gave a little of itself, and yet it didn't lose any of its radiance or beauty. It seemed like the more it gave, the more it had to give. With each pulse, the light sought the yard for another light to touch.

         Angel watched as each new orb that her light touched left to touch other lights. Time after time, the lights would go, touch another light, give a little of itself, never shrinking always gaining from each gift that it had given. It was an amazing ripple of sparkling lights each giving, each receiving, and each growing throughout the night. The yard was filled with sparkling treasures. So many lives touched- one act of kindness or word of care propagating more acts kindness and support for others.

         Angel woke up as the sun started to rise over the hills surrounding the lake. She looked around the room, realizing it had all been a vivid dream. The curtains were shut, the doors closed and locked just as she had left them before going to sleep, but she was forever changed.
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