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The planet is alive.
          "Back in the early 17 hundreds there was an occult science
          of 'Subtle Matter.' These alchemist believed that all life can from
          clay and that God did not form Adam with human hands from
          the clay, but caused the clay to bring forth Adam through magic."
          Raven stirred some herbs into her tea as she made her explanation.
          She handed Aden a second cup and sat on the floor in a lotus position
          at his feet.

          "Oh? So, I'm in a cult now?" Aden sighed and bit a biscuit.

          Raven gave a Cheshire cat smile, staring up at him from behind her
          tea cup. She reached up and pressed the palm of her left hand against
          the crotch of his trousers. "This is the Tree of Life. From its fruits comes
          the knowledge of good and evil. Eve was created to carry Adam's seed
          into the future. She was the Tree of Knowledge. .." Raven put down her
          tea cup and extended both her hands above her head, like a tree.

          "A tree joins Heaven to Earth and carries its seeds in its limbs."
          she smiled at Aden's wife, who clung to him as they sat on the couch
          together. "Have some tea." Aden said and offered his cup to his wife.
          She swatted it away, spilling the tea and breaking the cup on the
          birch wood floor. "Am I a tree?" his wife asked.

          "Well, if we live long enough we may become rooted to the clay
          and petrify. It has happened to some ancient members of our temple."
          Raven swept up the pieces of the cup with her hands and deposited them
          into a basket. "Now, for the fun part!" Raven laughed and spun about,
          lighting shot from her hands and electrified Aden and his wife. Their bodies
          contorted and their clothing burned off as they slid to the floor in a puddle
          of mud. Raven let her dress slip off and stepped into the mound of
          undulating mud that was Aden and his wife.

          "At our essence we are clay. And we can dissolve into one body."
          Raven laughed in ecstacy as she knelt into the mound of mud and
          spread it over her body. Her body joined with theirs until their was only
          an single undulating pool of mud. It swirled about the floor knocking
          over the furniture and eventually slid outside into the pool.
          The water restored their bodies.

          "Elli!" Aden called out for his wife.

          "I'm on the patio!" She cried in hysteria.

          Aden pulled himself out of the pool and looked in astonishment at
          his wife. She had Raven's body. His wife was a pale dutch woman.
          But, now she had a copper complexion. Raven rose from the water
          and rubbed Aden's back with a towel. "She has a nice tan." she smirked.

          "It's not her body. She was pale and thin." Aden held Elli and kissed
          her passionately. "Well, I think its an improvement. Her breast are rounder
          as are her hips and thighs. She can change her body type back, but that takes
          some practice." Raven toweled off and then pulled a large cock from her
          mound, "You see? We are clay to be molded as we desire."

          "Aden. I need to go home." Elli looked desperately into her husband's eyes.
          "As you wish." his answer followed a deep breath.

          "Your both C.I.A. now. No one leaves the C.I.A." Raven's voice growled.

          Aden knew there was nowhere he could go that the C.I.A. couldn't find
          him. But, the beach house would provide familiar surroundings for his

          to be continued.. . .

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