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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #1898700
it's about a girl who mom beats her and a teen that gets pregnant.
You don’t know what the heck I’ve been through! I yelled to Nicole after she thinks she knows everything about what is going on at my house. Nobody will ever because they don’t know how I live, what my family does, and about me and my relationship. “Hey Andrea,” said Kendra as she was walking to my car.

“Yea Kendra what’s up,” I said,

“Can you give me a ride home my mom can’t come get me?”

“Yea sure hop in, but I can’t stay I have to go to Jeremiah’s house today.”

“ok.” So as I was driving Kendra home I turned on the music we were listening to are favorite song Beautiful by Christina Aguilera. The reason we like that song is because she is saying no matter who you are, what you look like, what people say, and what you are so don’t let no one let you get down just go with what u think, believe etc. “How are thing with your mom and everything,” Kendra asked.

“Not so good, my mom hits me every time I do something wrong,” I said as I responded.

“Why it’s not like you mean to everyone makes mistakes even your mom,” said Kendra.

“Can we talk about something else,” I said to Kendra, we pull up to Kendra’s she get out and I start driving to Jeremiah’s house. On my way his house I get a call from my mother Kirsten.

  “Yes mom what do you want,” I said as I answered the phone

“Andrea where are you at “as she demanded to know.

“Why do you want to know it’s not like if I don’t tell you will hit me oh wait yea you would,” I said with an attitude.

“Andrea I not playing tell me,” she said.

“I’m on my way to Jeremiah’s house do you got a problem with that,” I said, and then I hung up and I was in front of his house. No one was home so it was just me and him so then it lead to some “quality time” if you know what I am talking about. So after we are done I leave. After a couple weeks go bye I start feel sick and hungry a lot and I don’t eat a lot. So when my mom starts to notice she thinks I’m pregnant and she starts hitting me, I’m like mom I’m not pregnant, because I made sure he used protection “ never know if  it ripped “ my mother said loudly so then she makes a doctor’s appointment for me that evening. We go and she asked the doctor to give me a pregnancy test and she did. After a couple of minutes the doctors comes back and says “Andrea your pregnant “I was so shocked I couldn’t believe that I was pregnant I thought to myself, how I am going to tell Jeremiah? My mom said “thank you for your time” and we walked out my mom started yell and hitting me and I yelled back “STOP HITTING ME I’M PREGNANT FOR CHRIST SAKE MOTHER!” From that moment my mom did say another word. So later that night I call Jeremiah and said “hey babe I need to tell you something really important “

“What is it sweetie you can tell me anything” as he responded

I started crying and said “I’m pregnant “for a while there was silence then he finally said

“How did this happen?”He said in total shock

“I guess the protection broke but I don’t know” I said crying

“Well I don’t know how but we will get over this somehow” I said then the next day I went over and we were talking about how we will deal with this since it is almost time for graduation .

“My next doctor’s appointment is in three week, will you go with me please?”

“Babe I will always be by your side ok” he said   

“ok thank you” I said then we hung up three weeks later Jeremiah and I went to my doctor’s appointment. The doctor said I was healthy and the baby was healthy. “What day would you like to come back in three weeks” the doctor asked

“How about Thursday October 28 at 4:00 is that ok”

“Yes Andrea that would be great see you then bye” we walked to the car and then I dropped off Jeremiah at his house then I went home to find my mother on the porch giving that evil stare that she gives me when she is mad at for something that she thinks I do. I wonder why she is giving that stare I thought to myself as I walked up to the house. “What’s wrong mom are you ok?”

“No where were you I was supposed to take you to your doctor’s appointment.”

“Sorry I said I didn’t realize you wanted to so I ask Jeremiah if he would go with me to the doctor’s appointment since the child is his and mine.” I told her with a angry tone of voice because I wasn’t too happy with what she said about how she was supposed to take me she never asked me if she can go with me. I just can’t take the nerve of her to say that like it’s not like she controls me, I’m 17 I can make my own choices on who and who can’t go with me to my doctor check-ups. After that, I went a called Kendra. “Hey so I went to my doctors for my check-up and she said the baby is fine it’s growing healthy and everything but also I got to find out what I’m having, I having a girl!” 

“Andrea that is so great I happy that everything is going so great, so when are u due” Kendra said with excitement

“I don’t know yet I will find out October 28, would you like to come with me and Jeremiah?”I asked very happily.   

  “Yes I would love to come to the doctor’s appointment with you guys,” she said happily.

“Ok great then we will pick you up at 3 so we can get there on time well I got to feed two people so I will talk to you later,” I said with a great attitude.

“Ok bye, “ Kendra shouted with excitement, the next day I was felt really tired and I stayed in bed till 2:30 in the afternoon I didn’t want to anything but then I got up and went shopping with Kendra and Jeremiah for baby clothes and stuff for the baby. After about 3 hours of shopping, we went bowling to spend together before the baby came. Somehow, I still beat Kendra and Jeremiah at bowling when I am 4 months pregnant. The thing that I realize a lot is how much the baby is kicking and moving but I do talk to her. “Mom, Jeremiah and I have been talking and we are deciding to name the baby Isabella Maria Garcia” and after I said that she just nodded and left I was kind of shocked but I didn’t know what to do it felt like something was wrong but I didn’t want to ask and get in her business. Then a week later my mom, Kendra, and Jeremiah said they need to take me somewhere and I went with them and they took me to this place I have never been before. My mom opens the door because they have my eye covered. I truly did not know where I was going so I trusted them so when we got there I heard people and they uncovered my eyes and family and friends jumped out and shouted, “SURPRIZE!”I was speech less to know that my mom and boyfriend did this for me because my mom never wanted to help me or when she did, we always got in to fights. Like one time she hit me so hard she knocked me out and was it the hospital for two weeks. I just didn’t understand why she would be on me, I always thought it was because of what my dad did to her and she probably does it because I look like my dad but on the other I was really happy that she did this for me and I gave her a big hug and she hugged me back. My stomach was getting better she was kicking more and more and my feet were big and I slept constantly. So then my mom and I start fight because I didn’t do my chores so she kept on hitting my head and punching me in the back so I called the police and I pressed charges on her for family violence and endangerment of an unborn child and mother and she was arrested. Since I was the one who pressed the charges on her, I had to be present in court and when I told the judge what was going on and show her the bruises my mom was sentence 7 months to a year in jail. By the time, I was 8 1/2 months I was tired and I did not have any stretch marks because I put this butter cream on my stomach. My stomach was huge like the size of big bouncy ball so when I for my check up they said I almost there but I was so ready for my little girl to come out. Well on Saturday I went and stayed with Jeremiah for a while but while was sleeping I woke up at 4:30 to find a wet spot on the bed. That moment I woke up Jeremiah and told him to put the car seat in the car and so I packed the clothes for me and the baby. After like 5 minutes we went to the hospital it took an hour to get there and like an hour later, I gave birth to Isabella Maria Garcia at 6:35 in the morning se was here. She was 8 lb 11 0z and 26in long. She was so beautiful and after the doctors checked her out, she was brought to my room and I held her for like 3 hours but then she had to go back to the nursery. After 4 days in the hospital, we got to take her home. It was March when my mom got out and when we (Isabella and Me) picked up my mom she was crying when she seen Isabella in the car but she was ever more happy the see me. It was greatest feeling to know that my mom loved me and cared about me. It was not too long before I went back to school and I finished 2nd of my class with a GPA of 4.0. After graduation, my teachers and classmates asked me “What will I do about college?”

I said, “For right now I’m just going to go to take care of my kid then I will go to college.” I want to wait till she is at least 3 years old so I have a job for Jeremiah to watch her while I am at college and so they can come with me to where ever I go.

“I’m proud of you for pushing it through school and I know you will be a great mom.” As one of my teacher answer

“Thank you that means a lot to me coming from you.” And then Jeremiah and I left and went home to a wonderful daughter, I am also happy have a great and adventurous life ahead of me and  my favorite motto “Live life to the fullest and never hold back.”

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