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A very short tale of 3 characters and honor. With each sentence completing an action.

I was behind a stand of trees so not to be seen.
Fighting for their versions of justice were two warriors.
Being careful not to interfere with their fight.
With such acrobatic grace was in their combat
The fight made its way to an ice covered pond.
One the warrior’s swords was knocked from their hands onto the hard cold surface.
As it slid across the ice it made a musically metallic spinning sound.
Bouncing off the spinning sword were rays of light from a bright full winter moon.
Reflecting its rays upon surrounding trees and stones, including the warriors elaborate battle gear.
Both warriors made it onto the pond.
Sounds of thunderous cracks in the ice came from the weight of the two fully dressed warriors.
The warrior who lost their sword was in the process of picking up their weapon from the ice.
The other raises theirs while saying.
“I hope you can feel the ice melting under your feet, as your inevitable defeat is nearing”
I don’t know what happen next.
For I was the one with the ice melting under my feet.
I fell through into the frozen winter water.
I saw them stop their battle as I went under them below the crystal clear ice.
As admirable of warriors they were.
Both had put their disputes aside to try and get me out from below the ice.
Both of them were striking the ice with such veracity.
I could feel their thunderous strikes against the ice as the percussion's resonating through the water.
Their swords acting as sledgehammers finally punched a hole in the ice.
Both dropped to their knees and in unison grabbing my wet clothing pulling my cold frail body from the icy water.
Rescuing me took respect, valor, and honor for their fellow man no matter who that was.
I and I alone will never know which of their justices won.
All said and done I will not survive this ordeal, so I’m writing this tale before my end has come.
The legacy of the two warriors who no one knows of their origin will carry on.
And I will perish never knowing if they settled their differences or not.
Word has it two kingdoms have decided to become under one rule.
I can only believe that I had a part in this due to my unfortunate misfortune.
Then I would feel my dying would not be so much in vain.
I then suddenly felt awoken abruptly from a deep slumber cold and wet in my hut.
The only questions now remain.
Was this a vision of valor, honor and adventure? Was this an accident of misfortune?
Or was this just a feeble attempt in my mind so I may not think I will die in vain as I always thought I would. - JW  62909

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