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A tale of subjugating to your lover. Readers be warned: Could contain taboo elements.
Writers Note: This is the first part of the series I intend to write based on my grandfather's journals. The background to this is explained in "Memoirs of Wanderlust [XGC]. The following story is in his own hand, meaning that he wrote it himself. But what I could gather from the initial pages is that it is based on the narration of an Acarnan sailor called Rahuk, whom he had met on one of his voyages to Morocco.


Kwe-Zu prostrated before Jamina-Rop, the presiding deity of the Acarnas. Dwelling on the island of Labuxan, off the coast of Ecuador, the proud members of this tribe lived under the constant threat of extinction from natural calamities like hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes. They also felt endangered by the wild beasts, cannibals and evil spirits, all of whom considered that paradisiacal Pacific islet their home. As their head priestess, it was the duty of Kwe-Zu to appease Jamina-Rop and invoke his blessings for her people.

Kwe-Zu rose to her feet and elevated her arms in acknowledgement to the imposing image of their protector. It had taken years for the best Acarna sculptors to carve out the colossal structure from a single-piece of black rock. Seated upon a throne in the nude, it was a powerful depiction of raw masculinity. Broad and muscular chest, tapering stomach, strong hands resting on the knees and brawny legs spread apart, the figure’s chiseled features, massive head and impressive crown, could be seen for miles around.

In order to preserve the sanctity of the altar, the leaders of the tribe had initially decided to cast it entirely from a single stone only. They had made three exceptions though of which the first was the crown. Crafted from a luminous, green- colored mineral, it was a ring of five, symmetrical shaped fleurs-de-lis. The slightest moonlight would make it glow with a jade-colored hue, serving as a beacon to any hapless Acarna who had lost his way.

The blazing eyes of the altar were the second. When the altar was being built, a boy from the tribe had miraculously discovered in the mountains, two flawless, identical, red-colored gemstones, each the size of an ostrich’s egg. The same formed the piercing vision of the Jamina-Rop.

The crowds of worshippers watched, with awe, Kwe-Zu propitiate their benefactor.

“Hail O Mighty, Jamina-Rop. I offer you my soul,” she proclaimed and untied the tiger skin that concealed her shapely and large breasts.

She pushed her waist-length, lustrous, black hair behind, allowing their benefactor an unhindered vision of her rounded jewels. The conch shell necklace she had worn looked pretty against the backdrop of her honey-colored, smooth skin.

Approaching the staircase built at the base of the statue, she climbed up to the altar’s groin. When her expressive, hazel eyes beheld the last foreign object in its body, a smile of contentment formed on her lips. An inch from her face was the enormous and erect phallus of Jamina-Rop. Originally, the sculptors had cast it in stone. According to Acarna folklore, centuries ago a malicious demon had appeared on the island, wreaking havoc and killing innumerable men, women and children. One day, he set his eyes upon Kwe-Zu’s great grandmother Angara-Zu and was smitten by her beauty. Sensing his weakness, the tribal warriors exploited her charm to capture him alive and subjected him to terrible tortures. While he awaited his demise in captivity, Angara-Zu visited him, feeling penitent about her deceitful role in his ensnarement. The very sight of her was sufficient to inspire in him a magnificent erection and it was in her lap that he breathed his last. She cut off his magnificent penis, which continued to remain fully engorged, and retained it as a souvenir.

Angara-Zu, the legend continued, possessed divine skills in the treatment of animal hide. After her death, the monster’s beautiful manhood was discovered in her private possessions in an absolutely intact condition, apparently the result of her famed skills with preservatives. The object carried the musky odor of a woman's arousal. Nobody had any doubts about the source of that smell.

If Angara-Zu's expertise had been the treatment of animal hides, her daughter Zairna-Zu's passion was stuffing them and creating real life replicas. It was she who made the startling discovery that the monster’s penis was exactly identical in size to that of Jamina-Rop’s. Interpreting it as some celestial will, she suggested that Jamina-Rop's stone penis be sheathed within the fleshy remains of the demon. Once the tribal council had approved her idea, she set upon executing it with zeal and passion.

It took her a long time to achieve the outcome she desired. If she wanted she could have probably completed the task much earlier, but beside her desire for perfection she had to also reckon with the obsession she had developed for that sweet object. Regretting her suggestion to the leaders of her community, she loathed the idea of parting with the wonderful tool. It became her constant companion. She started spending most of her time indoors, adoring it, playing with it and pleasing herself with it. With great patience she created a tubular space inside the fleshy rod, taking care to not lose any of its precious meat. She was able to achieve the effect because of the object's wonderfully elastic nature. The skin and muscle stretched nicely on all sides, creating a hollow space inside which Jamina-Rop would form a perfect fitment.

The day finally arrived when she had to let go of her beautiful toy, for the betterment of her people. With dexterous fingers she slid the precious muscle over Jamina-Rop’s stone cock. Using natural adhesives, she was able to create a solid and permanent bond between flesh and stone. Unfortunately though, Zairna-Zu could not bear the loss of her wonderful companion. Being heartbroken, she fell seriously ill and soon passed away.

Angara-Zu and Zairna-Zu's hands were surely kissed by the Gods. Who could explain that even after centuries, Jamina-Rop’s phallus looked fresh, strong, supple and inviting as ever. Best of all, it remained in a state of permanent arousal. The white-colored foreskin, the bulbous head and the blue veins, were exactly as Angara-Zu had seen centuries ago, when it still dangled from its owner's groin.

Kwe-Zu knelt down on the landing at the top of the staircase and clasped both her hands around the gift of her ancestors. The waves of energy pulsating through it permeated her body, making her own vagina quiver with want. Its girth was such that she could hardly encircle her fingers around it. She pulled the foreskin down and with trembling lips kissed the exposed head; its length making it impossible for her hands to cover it fully. As a final part of the ritual, the worshippers watched Kwe-Zu discard her goatskin skirt. Next she anointed and then massaged Jamina-Rop's swollen cock with cream from her own pussy.


Kwe-Zu withdrew to her hut, followed by her four personal attendants, all of whom were able-bodied , well-endowed and highly attractive men. As was customary to the Acarnas, all male folk were forbidden to conceal their penises in the presence of the head priestess. It was Kwe-Zu’s idea. She wanted to be reminded of Jamina-Rop's presence at all times. The best way to do that, she had argued, was to be in the constant presence of exposed maleness.

She reclined on a stone bed, her back supported against the backrest. One of her men rubbed massaged oil and scented herbs on her arms and legs. In her hand she clutched a cock and felt its smooth skin.

Another one of them bowed before her.

“Rise Kuma-Nor. What is it?” she asked, sipping wine from a stone chalice, as the masseur slid his practiced hands beneath her tiger skin blouse.

“The village chief seeks an audience with the holy Kwe-Zu, divine consort of Jamina-Rop,” Kuma-Nor informed.

She nodded her assent. Kuma-Nor departed and returned moments later with a statuesque, middle-aged man. He curtsied to the priestess and shed his loincloth as a mark of respect. She made no attempt the release the cock in her hand. Her lotus-petal shaped eyes, sensuous mouth, lustrous hair and dusky complexion had always enamored him and he couldn’t prevent his penis from springing to full attention. The sight of the masseur kneading her breasts beneath the piece of animal skin excited him even more. He sincerely wished that it was his shaft she held.

“Come near me, Miram-Ju,” she ordered, leaving the cock. Though amused by the state of his manhood, she gazed with admiration at his powerful body, dark skin, chiseled features and thick locks of graying hair.

When he did, she touched and kissed it. It was a mark of respect which Kwe-Zu accorded to only a handful, and the brave village chief was one of them.

She motioned him to a seat and signaled to one of the attendants to offer him a goblet of wine.

“What brings the valiant Miram-Ju to my hut?” she asked, after he had sipped from his cup. Her hand had again returned to her servant's manhood.

The chief looked around uncomfortably.

“Solitude,” she ordered and also let the man in her hand go.

“My wife and I are deeply distressed. We need the help of your special powers.” Miram-Ju pleaded, when the men had all left. His voice choked with emotion.

“Kwe-Zu listens. How can she help him who has the heart of a lion?”

“My son has been captured by the Mizhris.”

A shiver went through Kwe-Zu’s spine. It was an Acarna’s worst nightmare to be captured alive by the Mizhris, the dreaded cannibals who lived in the northern part of Labuyan.

“Which son?” she asked.

Famed for his virility, hailed for his valor and notorious for his libido, the chief had numerous wives, innumerable concubines and countless admirers, many of whom were married women. He believed it to be his moral duty to breed all his women, a habit which had created a rather lengthy line of offsprings. Secretly Kwe-Zu prayed that it was not Navir-Ju, the most famous of his sons, who had taken his father’s good looks and was reputed to be blessed with the strength of a bull.


Though Kwe-Zu quickly recovered from the shock of the announcement, it was enough for Miram-Ju to see through the head priestess’s infatuation for the young boy.

“He is my best student and the finest warrior of his age,” she said, making no effort to disguise the affection she felt for the boy. Kwe-Zu taught the young children of the village religion and magic. It was also where she secured her supplies to whet her voracious libido for young boys.

“When did it happen?”

“Today morning. He had gone hunting with his friends when they attacked. He fought like a lion, but they were too many in number. One boy managed to escape. From him we know.”

Kwe-Zu waved him to approach her. Raising himself to his feet, he walked up to the head priestess, till his erect manhood was inches from her lips. She grasped it by both hands and closed her eyes.

Miram-Jo knew that she was meditating. He stood in silence, gazing at her beautiful features, wishing that he could move his cock in her delicate hands. Though worried about his son, he was surprised at how excited he had become in her presence. Seeing her exquisite beauty, he was tempted to believe the village gossip that his own father had sired her. His family was renowned for the beauty of its women. The thoughts only stoked his libido further and he was greatly relieved when she opened her mouth and started sucking his hardened shaft, her eyes still closed.

Initiall,y he tried to stand still. But driven by the impact of her skilled tongue, he seized her hair and began to thrust his groin into her sweet mouth with the urgency of a rampaging bull. The head chief’s stamina and sexual prowess was the stuff of legends which had drawn many a fair woman into his manly arms. Women, who had had the good fortune to be bedded by him, spread raunchy tales about the size of his cock and the abundant seed it held.

Miram-Jo couldn’t fathom whether he had added Kwe-Zu to his list of conquests. She seemed to be in a state of hypnotic trance as his fat monster gagged her mouth and choked her throat. When he finally ejaculated deep inside her throat, she amazed him by her swallowing skills. She released his cock only after it had been milked dry and licked clean. Not a single drop of cum escaped her lips. Expect for the heavy smell of sex in the air, there was no physical evidence in the room of what they had just done.

Still, shocked by the turn of events, he continued to stare at her in bewilderment. After a long time she opened her eyes and cast him a faraway look, as if she was not really present in the room.

“They plan to sacrifice him to their evil Goddess Haiba-Madi on the night of the next full moon.” Her usually melodious and clear voice sounded sad and distant and he had to strain to hear her. She closed her eyes again and collapsed on the bed.

“Kwe-Zu! Kwe-Zu!” Miram-Jo screamed with panic and shook her shoulders when the impact of those words sank in. Her attendants came running into the camp.

Miram-Jo cringed when he saw Haitra-Do, the best looking of her attendants part her lips and rub his erect cock against her clenched teeth. Two of the attendants removed her blouse and taking positions on either side sucked a breast each. The fourth one removed her skirt and rubbed his tongue over her pussy. Under the careful ministrations of her men, Kwe-Zu recovered her senses and sat up with a start.

Her men began to fuss and pamper. Haitra-Do served her a plate laden with grapes which she shooed away. The second one held a goblet of wine to her lips. She drank a bit and raised her hips to allow the third one to tie back her skirt. The fourth one helped her into her blouse.

Haitra-Do proceeded to tie her long hair, throwing Miram-Jo an accusing look. He remembered that her hair had been tied when he had entered the hut and would have probably loosened up when he using it as a handle to stick her face against his groin.

Kwe-Zu seemed to be oblivious to Miram-Jo’s presence in the room. One of the men whispered something into her ears and she turned her face to the village chief to give him a blank stare.

“My men tell me that you had something important to discuss.” She sounded aloof.

“Don’t you remember?” Miram-Jo blurted out. Looking straight into his eyes, Kwe-Zu raised her hand. One of the men positioned himself such that her hand discovered his cock. She commenced to squeeze and stroke it as if it were a toy while its owner closed his eyes and thrust his pelvis back and forth.


“I told you that my son…” He could not complete as she raised her other free hand to interrupt him. Her other hand continued to pleasure the fortunate man.

“My men tell me that I was in communion with my master Jamina-Rop. Did I say anything in that holy state?”

“You said that they plan to sacrifice him to their evil God Haiba-Madi on the night of the next full moon.”

She was not even looking at him now. Instead she had turned to the fine young cock in her hand and was kissing it affectionately. Next she immeresed it in a glass of wine and popped it into her mouth.

“I will have to feed Jamina-Rop tonight. That is the only way to protect Navir-Ju. Be there with his mother. Ask every healthy couple of the village to be present.” Her voice was authoritative and commanding and she continued to be engrossed in sucking wine from her servant’s penis.

With a bow, Miram-Jo picked up his loin cloth and left the room. Though he didn’t want to, he still had to look over his back. Haitra-Do had removed her skirt and was planning to enter her. He felt a knot in his stomach.


Miram-Ju and his youngest and loveliest wife Arisha-Ma, the mother of Navir-Ju were already waiting at the altar of Jamina-Rop when Kwe-Zu marched in followed by her attendants in tow. She had spent a long time preparing herself today and her attendants had given her a full traditional body scrub and fragrant oil massage. A skimpy piece of animal skin hung from her neck and covered her breast, leaving her back completely bare. She had draped a short goatskin around her waist which barely reached her thighs. The moment she appeared all the men exposed their cocks as a mark of respect. The erect state of arousals was a testimony to the seductive spell the priestess could cast on any male.

A group of men started beating drums. Another group commenced a vigorous dance accompanied by a deafening roar from the spectators. Kwe-Zu faced the statue and raised her arms, signaling for the rituals to begin.

“Rise O Jamina-Rop! Your consort offers herself for your pleasure!” She screamed and cast away the animal skin, which had been making a vain attempt to guard her chest.

The sight of her naked bosom was not new to the crowd. But today the depth in her voice stunned them. The beauty care regimen she had just been through had also enhanced her appeal, and under the bright moon, her shapely breasts appeared like some intoxicating fruit. Almost all of them, started to stroke themselves. Even Miram-Jo was tempted, but somehow he refrained himself.

Kwe-Zu ascended the stairs to reach the deity’s loins. In a swift movement she removed her skirt and clasped her favorite fetish, Jamina-Rop’s phallus. She kissed it several times, feeling the energy throb inside it. She raised her head to see his eyes burn with lust. Her want had breached all limits of control. Amidst the ululation of the crowds and the beating of the drums, she climbed onto her Lord’s lap and guided the magnificent object inside her throbbing feminity.

She closed her eyes to relish the sweet sensations of being filled by her God. The crowds were electrified at the sight of this celestial coupling. Jamina-Rop himself was making love to his favorite consort, the holy and pious Kwe-Zu. The women were crying with joy and the men could feel their hairs standing on the ends.

Kwe-Zu vibrated her pelvis, exulting under the friction which that monstrous cock was producing in her vagina.

“Oh My Lord! Take me!” She moaned.

It was not the first time that the crowd had witnessed their God copulate with his consort. But it certainly was a very significant event which occurred only when some great calamity had befallen their tribe. The highly erotic atmosphere left no one unaffected. Women felt dampness in their vaginas and the heavy smell of their arousals drove the men mad with lust, their randy cocks rising up in salute. Motivated by urgent need both men and women reached out for their partners, in many cases someone different from whom they had come to the ceremony with. Loyalties crumbled either when a female discovered a better endowed male or when the male sniffed a more irresistible pussy. Once the new alliances were forged not much time was lost before lips pressed with ardor and tensed arousals penetrated grateful cunts. The more adventurous couples did it standing while the others chose the more conventional methods, lying down upon the soft earth beneath. The couple were almost evenly divided between women on top and vice-versa. Arisha-Ma went down on her knees and sucked her husband's famous cock, stroking her own slit at the same time, unmindful of the violent consequences that awaited her son. She had full faith in the powers of Jamina-Rop.

Kwe-Zu’s attendants kept a close watch on their mistress who was completely engrossed in copulating with her divine lover. Being well trained they knew when to intervene. Leaving the crowd to their orgies, they climbed up the stairs and reached her, just in time. If they hadn’t she would have fainted with ecstasy and fallen off fatally injuring herself.

They held her tenderly so that her lover remained deeply embedded inside her. She threw them a glassy look, and aided by them continued to vigorously gyrate her pelvis, screaming profanities motivated by sexual contentment. The wanton display of the divine consort and the musky odor of her arousal incited lust in all her attendants and involuntarily they began to stroke their erections while helping to balance her soft body on the Lord’s phallus.

Finally she climaxed, drenching Jamina-Rop’s erection with creamy spends. Her attendants gingerly separated her from him and lay her on the landing, where nobody on the ground could now see them. A beatific expression lined her face and her eyes were closed. She raised her hand and taking the cue one of the attendants positioned his cock so that she touched it. She grasped it like someone clutching a rope when fallen into a dark pit. Immediately the other three men took positions. One pushed his erection into the soft folds of her wet womanhood, the second one thrust his into her mouth and the last one placed her free hand on his stiffness. Under the blazing eyes of Jamina-Rop, but hidden from the sight of the Acarnas, four servants ravished his wife.

When she finally walked down, her pussy was awash with the semen of her men, traces of which also coated her breasts and mouth where all of them had so liberally cummed. With great care they positioned her on a stone platform which had specially been erected for the purpose. Just the presence of the head priestess was sufficient to bring order. Couples disengaged. Miram-Jo pulled out his penis from Arisha-Ma's mouth. Kwe-Zu’s attendants led him to their mistress. The last and most significant part of the ritual was about to begin.

Miram-Jo gazed upon the beautiful, naked form of Kwe-Zu. When his son had been abducted little had he known that it would present him with this fortunate opportunity to mate with this highly desirable woman, because that is what the final part of the ritual ordained. The age-old scriptures of the Acarnas believed that the energy of the sun and moon was absorbed by the Jamina-Rop which flowed through his penis into the vagina of his consort, the Kwe-Zu. Any male who would have the fortune to insert his maleness into the royal consort’s vagina would also be gifted with the energy of the Jamina-Rop.

Kwe-Zu knew that the magical powers of her sweet pussy would have considerably dissipated because she had just fornicated with four of her lovers. But she was too overcome by desire for the handsome Miram-Jo and she could not wait for his hard shaft to fill her hole.

The stone platform on which Kwe-Zu rested was specially designed. It was shaped like a human body and had two legs which were apart. It was between these two legs that Miram-Jo positioned himself so that his cock had perfect access to her entrance. He was about to begin the pleasurable act, when Kwe-Zu stopped him.

“Summon Arisha-Ma.”

The village chief’s beautiful wife came forth.

“Do you understand what we are doing?” Kwe-Zu asked her.


“Your husband will enter me. Do you accept that?”

Arisha-Ma took the priestess’s hand and kissed it, expressing her acquiescence.

“Miram-Jo. This is not an act of love. It is a sacred and ancient form of blessing you. You will just enter me, and do nothing more. When I command you, you will withdraw your cock. You will not defile this sacred place and insult your wife by cumming inside me. Do you understand?”

The hapless village chief just nodded his head in disappointment. He was really hoping to release inside her.

Kwe-Zu again commanded. “Arisha-Ma. Hold your husband’s cock and guide it inside me. You are not supposed to watch when your husband is inside me. My men will take you to up to the altar of our God where you should offer your respects.”

The crowd was stunned. So far, only Kwe-Zu and before her, her mother and grandmothers, all of whom were the Lord’s wives had the right to his cock. Arisha-Ma was overjoyed at her good fortune. She had only heard from her friends, tales of their Lord’s magnificent phallus and its magical powers. But nobody actually knew, because only Kwe-Zu and her ancestors had touched it.

With trembling hands Arisha-Ma grabbed her husband’s swollen cock and wedged its head within the entrance of Kwe-Zu’s pussy. She had heard tales of the priestess’ golden cunt and how it drove boys and men crazy. She looked at the beautiful object with daze, admiring its smooth and shaven texture. The outer lips looked fat and enticing and she could feel the moistness in her own cunt. Under the pretext of guiding her husband inside Kwe-Zu, she could not resist the temptation of caressing it. Kwe-Zu had never had a woman touch her there before, but she felt strangely contented. Once Miram-Jo was lodged inside her, her attendants led Arisha-Ma to their Lord's phallus.

The men had again started beating the drums and the couples had again commenced the delightful act of coition. But Miram-Jo could feel that his head would burst. Kwe-Zu’s pussy made his cock feel as if it were immersed in thick, warm syrup. He couldn’t believe it when he felt her contract around his manhood. He had had his pick of women before, but he couldn’t remember any cunt that was as warm, wet and tight.

“How does it feel, Miram-Jo?”

“What do you mean?” Did he hear an irony in her voice?

“Can you feel the energy passing into your body?”

“Yes, I can, Divine Consort.” Maybe it was the flow of energy and not her pussy biting his cock.

“I think you should move your cock a bit so that it absorbs energy from all of my pussy.”

“Are you sure I should do that?”


Using this wonderful pretext, the village chief started ramming his cock in and out of her well-lubricated love tunnel. He looked into her eyes and realized that he had never mated with a more passionate woman in his life before. Meanwhile, Arisha-Ma had had the good fortune of touching the Divine penis. It was smooth and huge and still glistening with Kwe-Zu’s spends. She fell in love with the pungent odor of her arousal. She could not just stop by kissing it. She actually opened her mouth and started sucking it, tasting the sweet juices of the priestess’ pussy.

So carried away was Arisha- Ma by the act of servicing the holy organ, she didn’t even realize it when Kwe-Zu’s men had rid her of all her raiments. Touching the holy phallus had intensified her libido and she was in desperate need of relief, which the attendants of Kwe-Zu were glad to provide. Gladly she lay down upon the landing, and unseen by the Acarnas below, the beautiful mother of the abducted child allowed her sexual heat to be quenched by four, healthy, young man, none of whom happened to be her husband. Meanwhile, Miram-Jo also reached a most wonderful climax inside the head priestess' sweet cunt.

Walking down the stairs, Arisha-Ma could feel something trickling down her legs. But she didn’t feel scared or guilty, her mind flush with the pleasuring she had just received. The rituals were officially declared over only after the kidnapped child's parents genuflected before Jamina-Rop and dedicated the boy's life to his lifelong service. The couple knew well what their covenant meant. Kwe-Zu's would be the first pussy young Navir-Ju would taste, when he returned. There was no doubt that he would. Such was the unshakable faith the Acarnas had in the powers of Jamina-Rop.

Both Arisha-Ma and Miram-Jo left the very next morning for the land of the Mizhris, accompanied by Kwe-Zu’s favorite servant, Haitra-Do. The wily Kwe-Zu knew that Haitra-Do’s was the first cock to enter her pussy after she had made love with her Lord. She also knew that the lustful Haitra-Do had also enoyed the exquisite Arisha-Ma. Both of them would have Jamina-Rop's energy flowing through their body, probably more than Miram-Jo. With her clever persuasion skills she had convinced Miram-Jo to take both of them along. It would only further their cause.

But Kwe-Zu felt restless. She knew that Miram-Jo would be well protected. What plagued her mind was the vision of Karin-Ang, the Mizhri queen fabled for her beauty and charm. Her clairvoyance had granted her a disturbing glimpse of the beautiful woman's infatuation for the the handsome and strong Navir-Ju. In fact that was precisely why he had been captured by her men.

Fantasizing about Hiram-Jo’s pearly white teeth and fledgling cock, the head priestess uttered a silent prayer to her Lord pleading for the gift of the sweet lad's virginity. The thought itself was sufficient to make her pussy tingle again with want. She wondered what his cock would look like. Would it have some hair on it? She sighed and reached for her servant who shifted quickly and offered his penis. She grasped her fingers around it and asked the second servant to come between her legs. Her thoughts went back to the previous night. She had been spellbound by Arisha-Ma's beauty and her hand had produced indescribable sensations on her pussy. Unable to bear it any longer she crossed her smooth legs around her lovers waist and guided him inside her. Till mother and son returned, she would have to manage with this.

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