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Bobby is a sophomore at Mt. Giles High School who ends up fouling out of life.
*Beep* *beep* *beep* great another day in jail. I roll out of bed. Not figuratively I really rolled out and landed on some dumb bells. I can already tell its going to be a bad day. I was running 20 minutes late so I threw on some cloths, brushed my teeth, grabbed my stuff and dipped out of the door to catch my bus. I get there just in time but as usual I get the same dirty look I get every day for the bus driver.
“I’m tired of staling for you Bobby.” Miles told me as I threw myself on the seat next to him.
Don’t worry about it Miles this bus driver has no where better to be he’s a shmuck bus driver. Miles is my best, well only friend. I’ve known him all my life and I guess he’s pretty cool, I don’t have much options. I wouldn’t say I’m a loser, nerd, goth, or hood rat, I’m just an outcast I guess. Not very many people like to get to know me because I have a short temper and I’m kind of crazy at times. When the bus pulled up to the school I hurried off with Miles.
“Do you thing we are going to have to run a lot today?” Miles muttered out of breath trying to keep up with me.
I don’t know Miles probably we don’t even play. I looked up at the big sign at the entrance and it read Mount Giles High School, which shouldn’t surprise me I’m a sophomore but it still does, life has gone so fast. Miles and I made our way through hood rat central to get to the locker room to put our bags in our lockers. I was so tired everything was annoying me Miles was trying to talk to me about the home work in science but I was wonder when the last time I was in science.
“Are you listening to me?” Miles snarled.
No Miles not at all just shut up.
“Are you coming to class Bobby or are you going to skip as usual?”
What do you think Miles? If I go Mr. Iron is going to get on me for never coming. I think I’ll stay here and sleep.
“Alright have fun amounting to nothing” Miles said as his final remarks.
I get that a lot but yet it still bothers me. Sometimes I think about my life in the future and see what I want to be like. See my dad split when I was four and it’s been just me and mom since. No one knows how I feel about that. I play it cool like I don’t care but every day it just eats at me more and more. I wonder if he got the same as me when he was my age because he truly did not amount to anything. Well that’s what my mom says. I want to make my life worth something but I don’t know what. Most 15 year olds have their lives figured out, but not this one. I start drifting in and out and fall asleep.
I wake up around 12:30 and realize I have lunch so I make my way to the lunch room.
“How was your slumber Sleeping Beauty?” Miles said sarcastically.
Pretty good how was learning about your body and your tiny you-know-what.
“Whatever Bobby at least I’ll graduate”
He got me there. Miles and I bust on each other all the time, but sometimes he takes it too far. This one time in the summer we were at the park playing basketball and he said something about my mom and I started whaling on him. He knows his limit now; that busted nose will remind him.

Before I knew it I was putting on my practice jersey and lacing up my Adidas’. Basketball was the only reason I came to school, too bad I never played. I was over shadowed by the best point-guard in the state, just my luck. His names Chad Brady, he is 6’ 4” brown hair gets all the girls and I’m a 5’ 9” out cast.
“Lace up queers Chad and I are about to run you losers off the court!” without even looking up I knew it was Devin Neil.
I wouldn’t say Chad was even a douche but his best friend Devin is so cocky and isn’t even that good.
Out on the court we ran the same drills like every other day. After we were done with those we scrimmage starters against, well, us. With my position being point-guard I had to pick up Chad. He ran all over us scoring left and right with his side kick Devin cheering him on. On the way back down the court Devin said something to me that got me steamed.
“We’re running all over you. Just like how your dad ran out of your life,” Devin said with a grin on his face.
That grin wasn’t on his fact for very long. I cocked back and dropped him in one punch. Coach rushed over holding me back. The coach is Mr. Neil; Devin’s dad.
“What were you thinking Setterman?! Get your stuff and go,” Coach Neil said.
So I did, I went into the locker room and grabbed my stuff. Not too long after the team came in.
“Geez Bobby you put him in an ambulance,” I heard multiple voices and comments like that.
With a towel on my head I heard footsteps coming toward me. I thought it was Miles but it wasn’t. Chad took a seat next to me.
“What’d he say to you Bobby?” Chad asked.
Uhm, he said something about my dad leaving me.
“That’s real messed up bro. I don’t know why he does stuff like that; but hey you know how I hang out at that abandoned shack?” Chad said.
Yeah I know what you’re talking about.
“Meet me there at like 5” Chad said.
Why? You gunna jump me or something?
“No brah just wanna chill with you,” Chad said relaxed.

Five o’clock rolls around and I’m lying in bed. My mom still hasn’t come home yet maybe she is working late. I thought about it and headed out to the shack. I took my pocket knife just in case they tried anything.
I got to the shack and waiting in there was Chad and Devin. That got awkward real quick. He had ice on his cheek and hitting on the table was a bottle of pills I think.
“Sit down Bobby,” Chad offered.
“Yeah sit down chump,” Devin slurred.
How’s that mouth I said smirking.
“You know what I otta kick your butt right now,” Devin tried to say.
“Chill Devin cut your losses,” Chad said half minded.
Devin sat down popping two of those pills into his mouth.
Hey what are those?
“They’re Vicodin,” Chad said.
“Take one if you’re one of us,” Devin said.
So I did I took one and I started feeling loose. I felt better than ever. Before I knew it I was taking more and more. I was taking 3 at a time. After school Thursday I went down to the shack. My friend ship with Miles faded in just 3 days and I found new friends. That day at the shack I told Chad my mom was going out of town and won’t be back until Sunday.
“Dude, you are having a party Friday then,” Chad blurted.
I don’t know Chad my mom would kill me if I did.
“She won’t know,” Chad said with an evil smirk.
No Chad, no, I am not throwing a party.

It was 7 o’clock Friday night and people were arriving. I can’t believe I let Chad persuade me into having this party. I took 3 vikes to calm me down, I was so overwhelmed. What if my neighbors tell? What if the cops come? I’m dead. Not even 5 minutes later Chad was carrying in a case of beer. What are you doing?!
“I’m making it a party bro,” Chad shouted excitedly. At that point the whole house screamed “YEAH,” in response.
I wasn’t even having fun. I was so worried thinking of all the trouble I can get in. Everywhere I looked I saw alcohol, people hooking up and smoke. I was going crazy! 3 more vikes went down my wind pipe, and I started feeling okay.
Chad came up to me and said, “Uhm that crystal vase you had..,”
What do you mean had Chad?
“I’m sorry dude but it fell over and shattered,” Chad told me.
I didn’t even care anymore. My life was over my mom is going to kill me. So I went into the bathroom and saw a few kids in a circle I peeked in and they were around a mirror. Then the pulled out a bag and started lining up whatever it was.
“Yo dog this coke is gunna be bomb,” one of the kids said.
I freaked out. I grabbed the mirror and broke it over my knee. My hand got cut down to the ligament. I never felt so much pain in my life. The blood was unbearable, and it was the first time I cried since I was 9. I went into my room and started knocking all my trophies off my dresser. I couldn’t take it anymore my mom was going to find out and I was done, so I down my bottle of vikes of at least 13 to 15. I started fading away. The sounds started morphing together and I saw a bright light. At the end of that tunnel I experienced nothing like I’ve ever seen before.
I was walking on air nothing but clouds below me. I was dressed in a white cloak, and when I looked to either side I saw no one but myself. Beyond the clouds left and right to me you could briefly see old stone walls with vines on them. I walked and walked and walked but I was going nowhere. I was stuck in my own heaven with no worries and no shame.
Then I woke up and all the worry and guilt drowned me like Hurricane Katrina. I had IVs in my arms and I was in a hospital bed. Surrounding me was my mom, a nurse and 2 police officers. They had no mercy on me and my mom couldn’t even look me in the eye. The police started explaining to me since I was responsible for the party I was charged with all the crimes: 281 counts of underage drinking and 3 counts of drug possession. I tried to plead to my mom that it wasn’t me it was Chad forcing me but she had a disgusted look on her face.
“Excuse me do I know you,” she said.
I never felt worse in my life. My mom just disowned me and I just didn’t care what happened to me anymore. Take me to jail officers. I got nothing to life for.
“Hold up sonny,” Officer Hayes said. “We are offering you either 6-8 months of imprisonment, or 8 months of rehab,”
Uhm... I’ll take the 8 months of rehab.
“Alright, we’ll be back in 2 hours to pick you up and take you to South Beach Rehabilitation Center,” Officer Kaypart stated.
Mom I promise it wasn’t me, believe me mom I didn’t want to throw the part I was forced.
“I’m sorry Bobby but I don’t know you anymore. Until you get back from rehab I will not be speaking to you,” she said with tears in her eyes.
I started tearing up, and before I knew it the cruiser was there to pick me up. I knew I didn’t have a real problem but no one believed me. No one believes a kid.
8 months passed and I was finally done with rehab. I was clean after 2 weeks but they decided it would be best to keep me in there. I wasn’t expecting to get picked up. I was ready to start on my new life alone; it’s hard knowing no one loves me. My dad split, I lost Miles, and my mom disowned me. I went from an angry kid to a depressed one. I started thinking how I was going to support myself at 15 with no job. Then all the sudden my eyes lit up and I started bawling. I saw a car pulling up to me, it was my mom.
“Get in Bobby; you think I’d leave you one the street? It was motivation,” she spoke with a comforting grin.
I got in in a spit second. I never have been so excited in my life before. Anything that every made me happy faded and dissolved under the tears of happiness I cried. Now time to make things right with Miles.
I made my way over to his house after I made myself at home again and thanked my mom a million times. I walked up his steps then it hit me… what if he doesn’t forgive me? I had to take that chance. I rung to door bell and no one answered for about 2 minutes. Then the knob started turning. I was so nervous I couldn’t speak.
“Bobby? You’re back?” he stuttered.
Yeah, but that’s not important. I’m sorry I flaked like I did that was wrong.
“Bobby, do you know what I’ve been doing while you were gone,” Miles said.
No what have you been doing?
“Waiting for you to get back,” He said choked up.
We hugged it out like bros and I had my best friend back. Everything was back to normal again and I never fell under peer pressure again. If I had to say the biggest lesson I learned it would be, be yourself and stick to your roots. I heard a quote while I was in rehab from one of my favorite rappers Logic. That quote was “Eat with the people you starved with”, meaning stick to the people that you’ve been with in your lowest point and take them to the top with you.
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