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A girl so scary, the hallway clears when she walks.
         I’m walking down the hallway at my high school. Wonderful pirates, Peter Pans, Indians, and Katniss Everdeens pass me. I marvel at their creativity.

         I can see her now. She’s just walking down the hallway, but everyone is looking her way. Her long black hair hung down into her face. Her skin was a pale white, her eyes dark. She wore only a long white t-shirt which touched her knees.  It was the Grudge girl.

         There was a bubble of room around her as students pressed against the lockers, desperate to stay away from the Grudge girl. She kept walking straight, her face never changing. She didn’t talk to anyone. The packed hallway always became clear when she passed.

         Rumors had already spread about her by third block. Phones were passed around with her picture. Everyone knew about her, about the terrifying “Grudge girl”.

         I saw her again during lunch. Even though the cafeteria was crammed full with students, no one sat around her.  Everyone’s eyes watched her warily. I stared at her for a long time, subtly of course.

         Grudge girl just sat at the table, ignoring everyone’s stares. She kept her head hung a little low and severe expression on her face. A feeling began in my stomach when I looked at her. A feeling I could only describe as fear. I was afraid of Grudge girl. I was afraid of one of my fellow students in a costume.

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