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Rated: E · Short Story · Community · #1899042
written for Writing Club; inspired by a movie's ending that I happened to watch
“Luna! What have you done?! Have you lost your mind?! You’ve given your college application just to the University of Edinburgh. We’ve been over this. You’re to apply in 10 universities. What happens to you if they don’t accept you?!”
“Nothing. I just don’t go to college right after graduation but a year later.”
“You’re not going to live under my roof that case.”
“What kind of a mother are you? I told you I don’t want to go to Harvard or any of those too weird and fanciful colleges of yours. Besides, you would’ve been by my side when I needed support and advice over these years. You decided to act all motherly during my last year and again you’re a hindrance to me and you’re never there when I need you. So, none of your business what I’ll do with my life.”
“So, you don’t love your mother? Is this how you thank her? By hurting her?!”
“How have I ever hurt you if you’ve never been listening to me all the times I’ve tried talking to you. You were always busy with your husband. If it was just you and me- it would’ve been better. Ever since daddy died, you’ve become a bitch to Chris and me.”
“How dare you talk to your mother in this tone?”- Angrily fired Mr John as he entered the house, “Go to your room.”
I took my jacket and when I was at the door my mom screamed, “Where are you going? Didn’t you hear what John told you?”
“None of your business. I’ll go home when I want and I’ll do what I want whether you like it or not,” and I shut the door.
“Unbelivable! My mom has changed so much ever since that idiot came into our lives. He’s ruined everything. Fucking car accident! Where is my dad?” I was muttering as I was going toward the sea spot where daddy often used to take me when I was a kid. I sat there on the rock and cried under the tree where we used to throw the pocket knife that I always carry with me. I wished I could turn back the time. I wished the car accident didn’t happen. I wished us, four, were still together living happily. Suddenly my phone rang; it was my mother so I just closed it. It rang again but this time John- I just switched it off this time. After the tears dried off my face, I decided to get up and go to my brother- at least my mom has forgotten him and never cared about him since John became her husband.
I rang the door. Chris opened.
“Hey, Luna! What happened to you?” I just flung my hands on his neck and sobbed, “Nothing much. Mom is such a bitch. She didn’t like the idea that I’ve just sent my uni application to the University of Edinburgh; she didn’t want to listen to me and ever since that guy came into our lives- he’s changed her into a snobby bitch who’s overlooking her own creation. Chris, you’re the only person who listens to me and knows how to pacify me since daddy’s gone.”
“Luna, let me call mom and inform her that you’re with me.”
“Don’t call her; I hate her.” So Chris left his phone unwillingly.
“Ok. Are you sure you’d get accepted in the Uni of Edinburgh?”
“Yes. I’ve left my application there and now I’m waiting for the letter announcing that I’m accepted. Besides, I’ve written down your address as my constant one. I’m expecting that the letter will come sometime next week in your box. Can we drop the subject and watch a movie?”
“Fine but first wash your face.”
I washed it and then we watched some action movie. I slept at his house. I continued going to school, sleeping at my brother’s house, studying and every day I checked the post box. One week passed, two weeks passed until I gave up hope and regretted that I wasn’t’ accepted but had to work. Then at the last day of March, as I was returning from school, I saw an envelope lying on the kitchen table. It was from the college. I opened it with shaking hands and I was accepted. I screamed joyfully. My brother hearing the screams ran downstairs and asked, “What’s wrong?”
“In Mom’s face, I got accepted on a full scholarship- something that the UK universities don’t often allow.”
“Congrats,” I hugged him- that was my way of showing how grateful I am.
On my graduation in May- the most dreadful event because my mom was there after not seeing her for about three months, if not more,”...And now Luna is accepted in the University of Edinburgh on a full scholarship,” and everyone applauded.
After the ceremony while I was joking with my friends and all of us saying how much we’d miss each other, my mom came. “Luna, Congratulations for the acceptance. I should’ve been paying you more attention and should’ve believed more in you. I’m sorry that this is such a sad way to depart but you’re right- I’m sorry for overlooking you and for all I’ve done to you.”
I smiled and hugged my mom, “Mom, I’m also sorry that I’m leaving you this way but you’ve never cared about or stood for me, so why pretend that you love me? I forgive you but you have to bear the consequences. Goodbye!” I turned away from her and left.
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