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by Elle
Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #1899160
Jayden finds an old leather journal and convinces his mum to buy it for him....
Jayden was like most eleven year old boys when it came to shopping – if it didn’t involve buying toys or games (especially Xbox games), he wasn’t interested. He considered himself patient, but frankly, shopping was boring. He didn’t know how his mum could spend hours walking around the mall without even buying anything.

This shopping expedition wasn’t quite as boring as walking around the mall though. They’d driven to a little market near Titirangi where there were all sorts of weird and wacky things for sale. Jayden had caught a glimpse of some awesome dragon figurines at a stall earlier, and he really wanted his mum to go and see if she would buy one for him. Jayden loved dragons and pretty much all mythical creatures.

As he followed his mum around the market, he saw that there were boring things too, like garden gnomes and potpourri. Even his mum wasn’t interested in gnomes and potpourri. Right now she was looking at little handmade leather-bound journals. They were quite cool. His mum picked each little book up, one after the other, inspecting the cover and checking to see if they were lined or unlined.

“What are you wanting one for, Mum?” Jayden asked as he looked over the selection. Thankfully he was tall enough that he didn’t have to go up on tiptoes to see. He was about average height for an eleven year old, which was pretty lucky because his mum and little sister were both short. He was glad he wasn’t short. Suddenly, his blue eyes lit up. Ooh, there was a nice journal there. It looked old, and sort of medieval. That’d be perfect for writing mythological stories in!
“Can I have a look at that one?”

Jayden’s mum passed the journal in question to him, admonishing him to be careful handling it.
“I’d like one to use as a journal,” she said, turning back to look over the selection again. “One with lines, I think.”

Jayden carefully opened the journal in his hands. He knew his mum had trusted him to hold the journal because he was good at being gentle and careful. He wasn’t rough and silly like some boys his age. Oh, it had lined paper! Perfect! It would be a little hard for drawing pictures of his creatures to go with his stories, but it was even harder to write stories without lines. The leather felt soft and smooth against his fingers. He could almost see his handwriting filling the pages with tales of dragons, unicorns and elves.
“Can I have this one, Mum? Please? I really like it.”

His mum pursed her lips as she glanced down at him, taking in the earnest blue eyes under the scruffy light brown hair.
“Well, I don’t mind buying you one thing, but I know you were eyeing up those dragon figurines and I’m not buying both for you. One or the other, you choose.”

Jayden thought for a moment, but decided to go with the journal. He’d seen dragon figurines for sale before, but never a journal quite like this one.
“I’ll take this,” he informed her. “It’s perfect.” He declined a bag, preferring to hold the book in his hands, feeling the leather. “Hurry up, Mum! I’m ready to go home now!”

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#1922493 by Elle
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