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Megan ands Jennifer's meet Manolito's little girl.
Megan went to the door and before she could say anything, the little girl smiled and hugged Megan.

"Megan! Daddy said you were pretty and nice! He said you had red hair."

"Nice to meet you, Kristie."

"What happened to your jaw?"


"You still look pretty. Daddy likes you, you know."

Megan took Kristie's hand and invited her to sit down on the couch. Bradley grunted and Jennifer gave him a look. "Are you going to throw the gypsy girl out because you hate her family?"

"Of course not. I can't judge a little girl because she is a gypsy. How long have you known about her?"

"Zalita told us that Kristie and her mother lived in France and Manolito was coming to France to take her back to England. I found out two or three days ago."

"Taking her back to England to be a gypsy? Poor girl will be low life."

:Bradley! I have never known you to be a snob! I love you but you have faults, too and don't you ever judge me again or get mad when I am not a lady!" Jennifer stormed off and Bradley was speechless. Bradley went to the den to have a drink and Miles followed him. Manolito had a daughter. Megan wouldn't leave him for a man who already had a daughter.

Megan asked Denise to bring some lemonade and cookies. Jennifer sat on the love seat. She smiled at Kristie. "Hi. I am Megan's friend Jennifer."

"I know. Calin loves you. He is so handsome and funny. You should love him."

Jennifer blushed. "Nice to meet you." She didn't how to respond to the Calin comments.

"Thanks. Daddy wants to take me to England but I would have to leave Mommy. Daddy says he would find me a new Mommy. Megan, will you be my new Mommy?"

"Oh, sweetie, I can't. I am engaged to someone else."

"I want to stay in France. Mommy says England is poor and I won't have a home. I will have to live in a wagon that travels everywhere. I like mine and Mommy's house in France. It is pretty. Not as pretty as this one or future Grandpa Drakelin's but Mommy and I like it."

Megan would have to get Manolito to change his mind. A little girl needed a stable home since she hadn't been with the gypsies since she was a baby. Kristie was so sweet. Denise bought in lemonade and cookies. Kristie loved chocolate chip cookies.

In the den, Bradley poured drinks for him and Miles.

"Why are those thieving gypsies in France? Drakelin bought them here to piss me off! I know, my friend, I don't use bad language and Jennifer is upset that we punched out Drakelin and Megan got her jaw injured. That man and those gypsies push my buttons as our future wives would say."

"I am not too happy with Manilito's child being here. That worthless gypsy Manolizo guy sent her here to push my buttons. I am sorry I hurt Megan's jaw by accident. I hope she knows I love her and would do anything for her."

"I hope Jennifer gets done being mad. At least they are in the same house with us and are wearing our engagement rings. That does make them commited to us and we are comitted to them. I still want to punch out Drakelin and thst Cohhot gypsy or what ever his name is. Manolizo isn't that gypsy ars's name but I get your point."

"Yes, our women are with us. This has been a rotten day. I hope tomorrow is better."

Back in the living room, Kriste ate her cookies. "These are good. Megan, did you make these?"

"No. The cook did."

"Mommy doesn't have a cook. She cooks delicious food. We have a maid. Her name is Claudette. She only speaks French. Mother taught me to speak English."

"That is nice. English is a language everyone should learn." Jennifer smiled.

"You are pretty, too. I like you and Megan. Have you ever been gypsies?"

"No. We came from America."

"America. Megan, do you have to go by boat or ship to get there?"

"Yes, you do."

"The gypsy wagon can't travel over water. It would probably float away." Kristie laughed.

"Yes, it would. You seem very smart for your age." Megan really liked Kristie.

"I have a Nanny. Mommy runs a business but she has all these boyfriends at her job and ladies dressed in fancy clothes that don't cover all their bodies."

Megan coughed as she drank her lemonade and Jennifer stiffled a laugh.

"Mommy is the boss and she makes a lot of money. She says she designs fashions. Everyone calls her Madam."

Jennifer and Megan felt sorry for Kristie. Which was worse? Traveling and living with the gypsies or having a mother who is a madam? Megan felt like adopting Kristie herself.

"Fashions. That is nice." Megan drank some more lemonade.

"Mommy says fashion is a good business and I have a lot of pretty dolls that Mommy got me. Mommy says I can stay with Daddy and Grandma for two days but I am not going to live with Daddy. She says Daddy is pulling dreams out of his butt. I laughed but I love Daddy. He has been nice to me the past few days. I would miss my dolls. Grandma is so sweet. If she marries Sir Drakelin, she would stay in France or at Sir Drakelin's home in England. I love Sir Drakelin. He makes me laugh."

"You want to stay in France? Sounds like you are pretty smart for your age." Jennifer liked her.

"I love to study. I want to stay in France. Mommy and Daddy fight. He yells in Romanian and mother yells in a French language. I understand French but I don't understand Daddy's language but it is funny. I laughed and Mommy told me to leave the room."

Jennifer and Megan didn't know what to say. They liked Kristie. Someday, Kristie would be a liberarted woman. They just hope she didn't become a prostitute like her mother.

Just then there was a knock at the door. Megan answered the door and it was Zalita.

"So, here you are my pretty granddaughter. Has she been a problem?"

"Of course not. She is a delightful beautiful smart young lady." Megan answered.

"Are you alright, my Dear? How is your jaw?"

"Better. The ointment helped."

"Looks like the swelling went down. About today. Don't be mad at Mr. Kentsworth and Mr. Dawson. They love you. I love Sir Drakelin and want to marry him. He laughs about today. Megan and Jennifer, you are my friends. That will never change. I am taking Kristie home. Thanks for watching her. Say good bye to Megan and Jennifer, Kristie.

Megan hugged Kristie and Jennifer did the same. "Can I see you again?" Kristie asked.

"Of course you can." Megan kissed Kristie's cheek. Bradley and Miles stood by the living room and had heard what Zalita had said. Kristie waved at them. "Good bye, Sirs."

Bradley and Miles smiled. Zalita said Hello to the men and she and Kristie left.

"I take it you had a good visit." Bradley sat down next to Jennifer.

"We did. Are you still mad?" Jennifer asked.

"I don't like those worthless gypsies and I will trust you to see Zalita if you want. I don't want them here again. I am not playing all high and mighty but this is my parents' house, not mine. I promise not to punch anyone out again. I can't love your gypsies. I hope the ring I bought you today means something."

"It does. I love you and I will respect your parents' home but Megan and I will be visiting Zalita. I want to get know your mother and I am commited to you."

Bradley put his arms around Jennifer and kissed her.

"I feel sorry for Kristie. She is a sweet little girl. I don't know which is worse. Her father is a gypsy and her mother runs a Brothel." Megan looked sad.

Miles laughed. "A House of ill Repute? It can't be your problem. Never a dull moment with us. Is your jaw better?" Miles gently touched Megan's jaw.

"It's better. Kristie's mother and her business isn't funny."

"I am sorry I laughed. I just hope you still want to marry me."

"Of course I do. I love you." Miles hugged Megan and kissed her and tried not to hurt her jaw.

Caroline came home from her luncheon. She looked at the couples but didn't say anything. In her day, she didn't hold hands with Bradley's father until they were married.

"How was your afternoon?" Carolinel asked.

"A gypsy child came to visit. She is related to those gypsies staying at Drakelin's." Bradley said.

"Oh. Did you help her find her way back home?"

"Her grandmother came to get her." Bradley couldn't hide his dislike of the gypsies.

"Were you nice to her?"

"Megan and Jennifer talked to her."

"I will see how dinner is coming along. Talk to you later." Caroline left.

"Your mother isn't upset about a gypsy being here."

"Jennifer, Dear, just because she didn't count the silver means she wants one here."

"Bradley, you promised to be nice."

"I am being nice. I hope dinner will be ready soon."

"Go have a cookie." Jennifer rolled her eyes.

Bradley and Miles finished up the cookies.

"I hope you guys didn't ruin your supper." Megan said.

"What am I? Eight?"

"You were today, Miles, Dear."

Miles would be glad when the day was over. Megan went up to her room to take her nap. Miles walked her upstairs and tucked her in. Miles kissed her uninjured cheek and Megan fell asleep. She dreamed that she was Kristie's mother and she loved Manolito. Miles was in it, too and he was the one she really loves.

At Drakelin's house, Kristie sat on Manolito's lap. "My Dear, you met Megan? Good girl. You followed my instructions. I told you Megan would be nice to you. I need you to help me get Megan to be your Mommy and my Princess."

"I want her for a mother, too. Daddy. She is nice. I can see why you love her and want her. Why don't we kidnap her?"

"I may have to. Yes, my little Princess. You are the key to me getting my Megan. I love you." Manolito kissed Kristie's chek and hugged her. He thought the way to get Megan was through his daughter, his little bargaining chip and the key to Megan's heart.

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