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An experience of being curious, and finding understanding through having an open mind.

        This past weekend I tried skateboarding for the first time, and found it to be absolutely thrilling. I was curious as to what made the sport so appealing for so many people, and I decided to analyze the minutia of what goes into the skateboarding experience. Here is the story of my odyssey.

         First of all I needed to get a skateboard. I looked up local skate shops in my area, and found one a few blocks away. I set out of my front door and down the steps, off on my new adventure.  On the way, I saw two kids in the distance, doing tricks on skateboards. This reminded me of my curiosity to discover what was so enthralling about a piece of wood with wheels on it.

         I arrived at the shop, “Bill’s,” it proclaimed in a loud neon red sign above the door. I heard a bell tinkle as the door swung shut, and I looked around to see hundreds, if not thousands of boards, lining almost every wall. As my jaw dropped, a strange scent of wood and glue, rubber, and other things I couldn’t describe went into my nose. I was caught in the moment, stunned by the barrage on my senses, trapped in this world I could never have imagined.

         I lifted up a board, heavier than I thought it would be, and dropped it on the ground with a clatter. I put one foot on it, and felt my muscles tighten as my body balanced itself while my other foot joined the first. I could hear a slight creak of wood as the deck settled against the trucks. I looked up and made eye contact with the clerk. He gave me a thumbs up, and I took it as a green light to test out the capabilities of the equipment. I pushed off and sped forward, as if I were on ice.

        I could feel air whipping past my face, like a cooling breeze as I flew past aisle after aisle. I skated through the doors of the shop, jarring my legs as the board hit the metal rail along the bottom of the doorway with a clang. I dropped off of the curb and the wheels hit the rough pavement, wobbling a little on the unfamiliar terrain. I thought I was home free until a rock got stuck in the wheels. The board stopped dead in its tracks and I continued to sail forward, my eyes wide in surprise. As my brain tried to figure out what was happening, my reflexes sent my legs forward to catch me. I stumbled, nearly turning head over heels, pinwheeling my arms in an attempt to stay upright. As I shed the speed I built up, I noticed my fingers tingling with excitement. The experience had my blood rushing, and I could feel adrenaline pumping through my veins.

        I had stared death in the face, and came out on top. Now I knew why people became enraptured by this sport, and I know I will never forget.

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